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2021 Collection of “Best Year Yet” Physical Therapy Resources

Despite a year of uncertainty, restructuring and management whirlwinds, many physical therapists we speak with are having the best business year of their lives! 

As the economy is rebounding and restrictions are being lifted, more and more patients are seeking the care that had previously been put on hold. And for PT owners who’ve worked hard to ensure their leadership styles, practice environment, personnel management and operational efficiencies are in order, this has created quite the boon for their business. 

With half the year in our rear view, are you having your best year yet?

To help you meet or exceed your business goals in 2021, MEG Business has gathered a bevy of resources that we are certain will help any physical therapy or private practice owner who is hungry to accomplish more. 

For the full kit (as well as an exclusive, free coaching hours – limited number available) check out our “Best Year Yet” offer today!

Thanks to you, we’re loving 2021 so far! 

Between the awards and the number of new clients, we’re continuing to elevate our mission of helping private practice owners elevate their business quickly and efficiently. 

Alongside our podcast (which was named a top 10 healthcare podcast by WebPT), we’ve been creating blogs and special Zoom Casts to help target the specific areas owners often request help or information. So, for your reading and studying pleasure, we’ve curated the content that our clients and fellow physical therapists have reported as helpful in their journey to living the life of their dreams.

MEG’s Top Physical Therapy Resources from 2021:

Top 10 Practice Management Podcasts:

  1. Episode 146: Want A Successful Private Practice? Here Are 5 Best Practices
  2. Episode 147: How To Be The Ideal Private Practice Owner
  3. Episode 168: 7 Practical Steps The Top 10% Of Physical Therapy Owners Take
  4. Episode 166: 5 Things You Should Outsource In Private Practice
  5. Episode 162: Top 3 Physical Therapy Referral Marketing Solutions
  6. Episode 150: The Gap Between New Grad And PT Owner
  7. Episode 165: Succeeding With Private Practice Hiring & Retention In 2021
  8. Episode 170: Getting Creative With Private Practice Marketing
  9. Episode 160: How To Find Your Place In Your Market
  10. Episode 149: FAQ For Startups And Existing Practices

Top 10 Practice Management Blogs:

  1. 3 Moves Every Physical Therapy Owner Should Make In February 2021
  2. Comparing Physical Therapy Business Models For Your Practice
  3. How to Negotiate Insurance Reimbursement Rates For Your Private Practice
  4. How To Run An Effective Physical Therapy Front Desk
  5. The Key Pillars Of A High-Performing Physical Therapy Practice
  6. Everything You Need To Start A Physical Therapy Practice
  7. Comparing Physical Therapy Billing Options For Your Private Practice
  8. Private Practice Reporting Tips: How To Measure What’s Working
  9. Avoid These Physical Therapy Startup Mistakes
  10. Optimizing Internal Practice Management & Personnel Production

From the 2021 Vault: 4 Lessons to Improve Your Private Practice:

As always, MEG is here to deliver the coaching and direction your business needs to operate within the top 10% of private practices. If you have any questions around a specific topic, reach out! We’re happy to help!

We’ve even compiled 11 important private practice tips and techniques into one resource guide that offers the essentials to Physical Therapy owners. Download for free today!

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