Optimizing Internal Practice Management & Personnel Production

When you run a physical therapy private practice, there are necessary steps successful owners take to optimize their clinic’s personnel management. These steps include everything from onboarding to performance reviews, as these significantly impact your physical therapy personnel’s productivity and efficiency.

At MEG, we’ve coached thousands of physical therapy owners and their staff to ensure they have the practice management solutions to move their business forward! 

Here are the key areas of personnel management we find most valuable:

Track Employee Status

One of the first things you should do to optimize your practice management is to create a database of every employee’s status. These status sheets should include everything from their name and contact information, to their job title and pay rate.

Employee status sheets are a helpful reference when you need to look up an employee and determine basic things like how many PTO hours they have accrued or whether they are bonus eligible. Also, include specific details regarding their schedule and minimum production requirements.

As a best practice for implementing this personnel management solution, have each employee sign the status sheet so that there is never room for error or confusion.  

Follow Onboarding Checklist

Once you have created status sheets for all existing employees, you should work to create a physical therapy staff onboarding checklist for any new hires.

When it comes to managing physical therapy personnel, it’s essential to create standardized processes for training and onboarding. This step ensures that everybody is working to achieve the goals of your private practice.

Your onboarding checklist should include a list of everything the new hire must complete when they start working with you, such as signing up for their direct deposit and applicable benefits. It should include a training schedule that reviews ethics and compliance policies, standard operating procedures, interacting with patients, explanations of management roles and more.

This is a great example of a physical therapy onboarding checklist that can help you get started!

Post-Onboarding Checklist

After your new employee has gone through the onboarding checklist, it is just as important for them to go through a post-onboarding acknowledgment. Incorporating this into your personnel management solutions ensures that your staff understands and agrees to everything discussed during onboarding.

If there is any training that they must take and pass, include timestamps for when they completed it. This is also a great way to verify that they did not miss any training and that they have access to all the systems that they will need.

Performance Reviews and Goal Setting

As you develop your personnel management process, make sure to incorporate performance reviews and goal-setting techniques. Your staff must receive feedback about how they are performing, and management should work with them to set goals that align with the overall objectives of your private practice.

This process should be standardized and documented, so you will need to develop an employee review form.

Optimize Your Personnel Management Today

While these resources are a great way to get started, the best way to optimize internal practice management and personnel production for your private practice is to work with experts that can help you do it right.

At MEG Business, we have the tools you need to support your physical therapy personnel management and implement the top practice management solutions in the industry. Learn more in our 4 Keys to Practice Success program or get started today by downloading this helpful Personnel Toolkit!

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