MEG Virtual Front Desk

Stop the revolving front door at your front desk and streamline your personnel management with the first full-service, virtual front desk solution built exclusively for your physical therapy practice. 

Trust our experts to deliver a friendly, attentive Front Desk experience while also handling your patient registration, appointment scheduling, IVO, and insurance reauthorizations.


Benefits of Full-Service Virtual Front-Desk for Physical Therapy:

  • Personnel Management Just Got a Lot Easier

    • No need to coordinate PTO, sick leave or vacation coverage.
    • Save time and money on the onboarding and professional enhancement training.
    • Save time and money lost to benefits, payroll raises or performance reviews.

  • Bring Focus Back ON the Business, Not IN it

    • Save money in staff turnover and recruitment costs.
    • No more loss in clinic production due to staff training.
    • Outsourcing delivers experts and support without the headache.

  • Create a Cutting-Edge, Streamlined Patient Experience

    • Capture lost revenue by eliminating front desk mistakes and inefficiencies.
    • Easily register patients and schedule appointments.
    • Handle all insurance verifications, authorizations and reauthorizations.

Hear from our Clients:


What exactly is MEG’s Virtual Front Desk?

MEG has combined technology with years of expertise in private practice operations to produce a new solution for improving the patient experience. We have created a system that allows the private practice owner to completely outsource Front Desk Services to the experts. We provide a highly trained, reliable team that remotely manages the front desk operations to improve the quality of your patient experience and optimize your clinic’s performance.

How does it work if no one is physically present at the front desk?

Technology, technology, technology! 

We’ve taken everything digital from new patient paperwork and outcome measures to credit card processing and scanning of patient documents. Our software partner has created a system that live streams your clinic reception areas so our team can greet and assist all patients remotely.

Exactly what services do the Virtual Front Desk perform?

There isn’t much your Virtual Front Desk team can’t do that your in-person team can.  Depending on the scope of work you need, services available include:

  • Patient check ins/outs
  • Collection of over the counter monies
  • Ownership of new patient workflow from first call to scheduling out the full plan of care after IE including: case creation in EMR, verification of benefits, intake forms and outcome measures.
  • Schedule management: new patients, re-visits, cancellations, reschedules, confirmation calls, dropped patients & waitlist maintenance. 
  • Handle all incoming and outgoing communication not limited to triaging phone calls, returning voicemails, monitoring website submissions
  • Chart maintenance (current items)
  • Reports and stat grids
  • POCs and Referrals
  • Insurance verification
I don’t have time to train new front desk staff, how will that work?

We handle the training! All of MEG VFDCs complete the Front Desk Certification training on MEG’s Learning Management System (LMS). They also receive 1:1 professional development coaching from the management team and team leads. 

You will only need two to three 30 min meetings to provide guidance on EMR specifics

Once my VFD team is trained and oriented to my practice, am I the one that manages and oversees their performance?

No! We do that too. You will of course be involved and communicate regularly with your VFD team and Board of DIrectors.  But we manage and oversee the staff including monitoring quality and accuracy of work, measuring front desk statistics and setting targets for improved performance, providing ongoing training and professional enhancement. 

Almost as important – we manage all the personnel related items too.  PTO, staff coverage, schedules, hiring and performance improvement plans are no longer yours to worry about.

I only need help with Insurance Verification. Can I do just that?

Yes!  Our Insurance Verification Officers (IVO) work closely with your front desk and billing teams to ensure a seamless patient experience.  Your IVO will be responsible for verifying insurance coverage and benefits for all new and active patients. They will also complete necessary prior authorizations and re-authorization. 

Will it be hard to transition my therapists and patients?

We will guide you through roll out and implementation. Prior to launching, we will lead a meeting with your staff to introduce your new VFD team, cover the expected changes and answer any questions. The goal is one cohesive team, just as if everyone was in the clinic. 

Patients catch on quickly. People are becoming more familiar with having technology as part of their day-to-day lives and encounter virtual check ins at doctors offices, grocery stores and airports. 

What hardware and software will I need?

We will provide you with a list of specific hardware necessary for optimal performance.

How do you know how many FTEs I require?

Great question! This is based on several factors including patient volume, services needed, hours of operation, etc. We will be able to provide the FTE requirement for your practice once the discovery call is completed.

Would MEG staff provide front desk services in accordance with my practice’s policies and procedures?

Yes! Prior to launching your virtual front desk services, we take several steps to ensure we are aligned with your practice’s operations. Your team is trained to execute according to your practice specifications and state practice act.

Do More with an Efficient, Streamlined Front Desk Solution

What if your front desk coordinator arrived at your clinic with the built-in industry knowledge and personnel training necessary to get started immediately? MEG’s virtual front desk staff are fully certified in our comprehensive personnel management training and can be trusted to deliver a consistent, cutting-edge virtual receptionist experience for your clinic.

Ready to cut out the in-person costs and inefficiencies bogging down your business and start improving your practice’s productivity and profits?