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September 2020 Zoom Cast Replay

Workable Solutions to Real-Life Problems; Innovative Concepts From Industry Leaders

Key Discussion Topics: 

  1. Solutions for viability during stressful times – how to achieve private practice success.
  2. Unique and successful actions from various Industry Leaders.
  3. Expert Advice on Managing current changes and challenges – Possible reduction in reimbursement, COVID, Telehealth.
  4. Live Q&A session with expert panelists.

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August 27, 2020

Strategies to Acquire, Retain and Manage Patients During the Pandemic

  • How does patient acquisition look differently in today’s environment?
  • What training and tools can we implement to assist in patient retention? 
  • Tips for how to improve your brand awareness and promote patient referrals. 

July 30, 2020

Restructuring Your Business Model to Thrive Post-Pandemic

  • Why insurance-based only healthcare is a non-viable model
  • What are the top market differentiators in PT private practice
  • What cash-based services can you provide to create income verticals

June 18, 2020

Company Structure – Why Do I Need a Management Team?

  • How to increase organization and establish the management team 
  • How to work through your team and manage by statistics

June 11, 2020

Stop Making the Same PT Billing Mistakes

  • 5 most common billing mistakes: (most occur at the front desk)
  • How to assess your current billing

June 4, 2020

Effective Tips, Tools and Techniques for Personnel Management

  • Effective management of staff to make them as productive as possible 
  • How to improve staff support during rebuilding 
  • How to handle and decrease conflict among staff