Private Practice Ethics and Compliance Program

Physical Therapy Compliance is constantly evolving with annual updates, new information, and changes to laws that require practice owners to keep informed in order to keep compliant. MEG Academy’s exclusive Ethics and Compliance Program trains your company to avoid violations of industry standards, rules, and regulations. 

Why do you need compliance for your private practice?

Physical Therapy private practice providers are federally required to implement a tailored comprehensive compliance program. By helping your practice prevent and detect violations of rules and regulations, the program ultimately protects you, your patients and your practice.

MEG’s Ethics & Compliance Program Description:

MEG Academy’s training includes 6 courses detailing all of the essential components necessary to meet and exceed the minimum standards necessary. Providers will also gain the knowledge and skills necessary to properly address potential violations and improve their clinic’s overall compliance in the course of daily operations. Our robust compliance program will ensure, through meaningful and case-specific education, that your private practice has all the necessary tools, resources and guidance to implement effective internal controls. Application of resources provided in this program will ensure compliance with rules, regulations, policies, and state and federal laws.

Ethics and Compliance Training for Physical Therapists Includes:

  • 7 essential elements of a compliance program and clinical best practices

  • How to establish company culture

  • How to develop an effective risk management plan

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Resources

  • Safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI) Resources

  • How to detect and prevent Fraud, Waste and Abuse

  • Employee OSHA and safety training

  • Workplace education on harassment and discrimination

  • Comprehensive Documentation and coding guidelines

Reference Materials Included

Compliance Policies

Safety/OSHA Manual

HIPAA Manual

Business Benefits of Completing this Ethics & Compliance Course:

  • Detect compliance problems, properly investigate violations and ensure meaningful reporting structures within your clinic

  • Implement incident reporting measures and guidelines

  • Understand the complexities of how to prevent violations of Anti-Fraud laws including the False Claims Act, Anti-Kickback and Stark Laws

  • Recognize penalties for fraud including civil and criminal enforcement

  • Ensure the safety of all HIPAA privacy and security rules

  • Apply reasonable safeguards for all PHI

  • Identify areas of your cybersecurity including physical and technical safeguards

  • Have greater insight into the Breach Notification Rule

  • Avoid all forms of workplace Harassment and Discrimination

  • Prohibit all forms of workplace retaliation and workplace violence

  • Prevent conflicts of interest

  • Appropriately respond to staff receiving gifts or courtesies

  • Ensure appropriate policies are in place

  • Perform internal monitoring

  • Conduct meaningful compliance training and education for your staff

The Ethics and Compliance Program is for Private Practice Owners Private Practice Clinicians Office Administrators Compliance Officers

If you’re ready to improve your ethics and compliance program, request a free Practice Compliance Assessment.