Episode 168: 7 Practical Steps the Top 10% of Physical Therapy Owners Take

Introducing a new podcast format! We continue to do everything we can to give you content that aligns with our philosophy of Education, Duplication and Application in the most effective way possible. This week Brian covers seven steps that he has observed as a common trend for the top 10% of private practice owners.  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Emotional attachment to money is dangerous 
  • Start or expand with the end result in mind 
  • Work backward from your goals 
  • You don’t need to know how, just know what 
  • Know the costs and full risk exposure of going into private practice 
  • Learn how to scale effectively 
  • Breakeven is typically 45-50 visits a week 
  • Cut out those things that don’t support your vision 
  • Don’t compromise on your passion 
  • Think with 3 income verticals 
  • Get creative with cash-based and market differentiators 
  • That which is important to you, you will measure 


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