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Resource Guide to Restructuring Post-Pandemic

This guide will provide you with key data to consider in our new environment while adapting your practice to the future. This includes various business model breakdowns, their pros and cons, and various tools you can apply to structure your practice for growth. This guide will also cover:

  • Specifics on how to handle Insurance Companies
  • How to bring in new patients
  • Cash-based services

Additional Free Resources

COVID-19 Playbook

This playbook includes 3 extensive Tipsheets with specific checklists to help you handle your Environment, Personnel Policies, and Front Desk & Practice Operational Policies with actionable items to keep your practice safe during COVID. It also includes a sample Community Care Flyer that can be tailored to your practice for your benefit.

  • 3 extensive COVID Tipsheets
  • Community Care Flyer template
  • FAQs

Marketing Strategies Toolkit

This guide has specifics on how to acquire, retain, and manage patients effectively in 2020. It includes a marketing checklist & tips, a social media guide, and other resources on branding and patient retention. This toolkit provides:

  • New patient acquisition strategies
  • Patient retention strategies
  • Brand strategy in marketing
  • Example reports, tools and resources

CEO Toolkit

This toolkit gives you a clear and organized breakdown of the hat and responsibilities of the CEO. It includes a detailed weekly/daily schedule, the full CEO hat, a handout to assist with establishing the Ideal Scene, and a PT Private Practice Self-Assessment.

  • Ideal CEO Schedule
  • CEO hat
  • Handout for creating Ideal Scene
  • PT Self-Assessment tool

Personnel Toolkit

This toolkit gives you valuable items to help you cover your personnel division. This includes an Employee Planning & Review handout, an extensive New Hire Checklist, a Post Training Checklist, and lastly, an employee Status Sheet example.

  • Handout for New Hire
  • Handouts for post-training & role breakdown
  • Handout for routine employee review

Structure Worksheet

A great starter tool for revamping your company structure is our Structure Worksheet. Here included are the post, products, and stats to be recorded for each employee. This worksheet will allow you to categorize your employees into one of these three buckets:

  • Administration
  • Production
  • Marketing

PT Billing Tipsheet

This document outlines the 5 features to look for in your EMR system. It provides a brief checklist to assist the practice in finding the EMR that is the right fit for them.

  • Information on what to look for & why
  • 5 must-have items

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