Episode 150: The Gap Between New Grad and PT Owner

What does it take to have a patient-centered practice model that affords you the horsepower to be viable, and growing? After speaking to a group of DPT students, Brian was inspired to discuss how to give an abundance of care and how to Startup your dream practice. Tune in to discover how to stand out in private practice!  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Identify the right “why” to your problems 
  • Out of school 3 years or less? You’re a new grad 
  • Get down to your true purpose 
  • Give an abundance of care 
  • Pay-for-performance model 
  • 5 Division Organization structure 
  • Your brand should be a reflection of your operations 
  • Good leaders are MADE, not born 
  • You need the ability to confront 
  • Follow your Ideal Scene 
  • You need to know the Environment, Structure, Personnel, and Systems of Operation (The 4 Keys to Practice Success) 
  • All you need is a Go-Getter attitude  
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