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March Zoomcast Recap: Owner Mindset and Playing the Infinite Game

“There are many mechanics that owners reach out to us to perfect…”

These two executives of MEG, Nicole Walczak, Coach & Chief Development Officer and Brian Gallagher, Founder & President were so excited to discuss this topic on the live Zoomcast on March 18, 2021

Get ready to absorb this 30,000 ft. view of the beingness that true leadership requires!

So, what do they mean by “The Infinite Mindset”?


  • Finite mindset: There is a beginning, middle, and end with definite winners and losers. They prepare a strategy (minimize the element of surprise). 
  • Infinite mindset: Anticipating surprises – willing to experience anything. Open-minded. 

It’s very likely that you will play finite games WITHIN the infinite game! 

A great example is the Physical Therapy Startup Practice. These folks tend to seek out the CEO/Executive training that allows them to develop the skills that were not taught in PT school – while “growing” through bumps and bruises along the way. The difference between these Startup owners and perhaps a “Know-It-All” owner is the open mind. It’s all about constant development in the infinite game. 

You need to have this sense of the long-game if you’re going to be successful! This “success” is a byproduct of creating a healthy company culture. 

What can you do about it?

  • Run a game every month for your patients and staff
  • Validation and recognition based on performance
  • Celebration of employees success (5 compliments for every criticism)


Apply this sequence: Hope to make change – need to make change – then demand to make change! If you’re feeling comfortable in your practice right now, there’s likely more potential that’s yet to be tapped. 

Another thing you can do is to test how things are going with a survey to your staff! For example, you may ask: “Do you feel recognized for who you are as a person, or only recognized for what you do and your products?” This could be very telling!

Make sure people feel like they are contributing to a bigger cause. Enrich them as a human being both personally and professionally. It’s your responsibility as the owner to invest in your group. 

Remember the infinite game: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

Now is the time to come up with 5 things that you will routinely do throughout the year to invest in your people. For example, maybe it’s time to improve your environment! Going that extra mile is more effective than you know. 

Question: Any recommendations for culture building for an all remote team and staff? 

Nicole: The 10-minute meeting is huge for this! Dedicate 10 minutes a month to check in with an established employee. It’s not about the work, it’s about them and whatever they want to talk about. You are there to be interested, acknowledge, and validate. This goes an incredibly long way!

Brian: Make sure you survey your staff at least every six months to see what’s most important to them moving forward. Let them tell you what they value most! This really shows that you care. Another thing that raises people’s mood is them gaining knowledge, and thereby, “cause.” Make education available and fun. 

In this way, being a parent and leader in business are very similar. You facilitate others to reach for more. There’s always a way to be better and more capable in both areas. Allow your employees to be who they are intended to be, and care enough to see them do well. 

As the owner, your impact and reach are often greater than you imagine. As you fulfill your purpose, it will spill over and be felt by those around you. 

Foster your community and challenge one another to be forward-thinking. You can’t go wrong with increasing communication with your staff. An internal communications system like Slack is a great avenue for this. 

Always strive to give in abundance. Your profitability is a byproduct of your engagement with your employees. Try to keep it fun – and if things get too solid, demand a change! 

Have fun playing your Infinite Game!

In case you missed the Zoomcast, you can watch it here! In fact, you can explore the whole Zoomcast Vault for almost a YEAR of Zoomcasts by signing up. It’s free!

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