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Improve your life and your practice with our comprehensive virtual training systems, coaching, and physical therapy solutions that are based on the award-winning principles and processes of the top 10% of private practices and have helped thousands of physical therapy owners like you succeed.

MEG's Physical Therapy Management Services


Gain the leadership skills and SOPs to lead a team and practice that patients love with this Virtual Physical Therapy Training Program.


Maximize reimbursements without the hassle of hiring or managing a billing team with our physical therapy billing experts.


Remove the contracting & credentialing burden from your team and get approval faster for new clinical staff members.


Develop your Policy & Procedure Manual with an ethics & compliance program that protects your practice from risk.


Stop the revolving front door at your front desk and streamline personnel management with the first full-service, virtual front desk solution.


Create or optimize your website with the digital best practices that drive traffic, share your services and get you booked.

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Resource Guide to Optimizing in 2024
This guide will provide you with key data to consider in our new environment while adapting your practice to the future. Including various business models and tools you can apply for growth.
The Ultimate MEG Outsoucing Guide
Streamline your physical therapy practice by outsourcing key operations. Download our guide now to enhance efficiency and patient care!

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MEG Academy
It took me ten plus years in practice to realize the need to hire a consultant. Whether you are starting up a practice, or have operated your practice for a decade or more like me, I absolutely and unequivocally recommend seeking the advice and direction from someone like Brian and his team at MEG Business Management.
Jason Waz, DPT
Competitive Edge Performance
Billing Solutions
“I just wanted to express my appreciation and say thank you for your 5-star hospitality. It was a big help to address some issues I was stressed about (FDC, insurance contracts, A2C questions). I just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for your hard work, dedication, and commitment.”
Carson Kutuchief, DPT
South Florida Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab

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