MEG Academy

Our interactive, virtual, career development platform improves the quality of life for every practice owner by providing the structure, leadership, and personnel management training that wasn’t covered in PT school.

What Makes MEG Academy Different?

  • Your own dedicated coach ensuring perfect application

  • Full year-round access, including free upgrades

  • 24/7 access to cutting-edge, interactive virtual training

  • Access to a PT mastermind network of your top peers

  • An up-to-date file vault with hundreds of documents ready to use

  • Real life application of all training principles, not just theory

Masters Curriculm Includes:

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Specialty Training Packages​

Ethics & Compliance Training

Private practice owners often lack the physical therapy compliance expertise to protect their business from violations. This program outlines the comprehensive policies and procedures necessary to become and remain compliant.

The 4 Keys to Practice Success

This Program is a self-assessment tool to evaluate your practice’s environment, structure, personnel and systems of operation. The purpose of the Program is to help you identify your practice’s barriers to success and develop strategies to implement improved efficiency and productivity.

Start-up Accelerator & Practice Environment Bundle

These 2 Programs cover the start to finish logistics of opening a Private Practice including the incorporation process, negotiating the lease, credentialing, start-up marketing, and considerations for the build-out with sample layouts included.

CEO/Executive & Company Structure Bundle

These 2 Programs include training on the organization chart with the establishment of your practice’s posts, products, and statistics. These Programs will also cover leadership and management training.