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Now is the moment to build the practice you’ve always envisioned. MEG Academy offers an all-encompassing training platform tailored to empower private practice owners in honing leadership skills, streamlining staff management, optimizing operations, and driving revenue growth.

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MEG Academy Enhances Your Leadership, Staff Management, and Revenue Growth.

It is time to create the practice of your dreams. MEG Academy is a comprehensive training platform designed to help private practice owners to cultivate and expand their leadership skills, efficiently manage their staff, optimize operational processes, and boost revenue.

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Ready to take your practice to the next level?

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Explore Masters Programs

This comprehensive collection of training programs covers all aspects of PT private practice from the start-up process through scaling and expansion. Take a deep dive into the key areas of private practice success that will help you optimize your environment, company structure, personnel and systems of operation.

Start Up Accelerator

Logistics of how to open a PT private practice including incorporating, credentialing, lease negotiation, initial marketing strategies and cost to open.

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Practice Environment

Breakdown of how to determine location, size of practice, layout to optimize efficiency.


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Company Structure

Break down of the 5-division organization chart including post, duties, products, and stats per division.

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CEO & Executive

In-depth and robust training on how to be an effective CEO including the skills necessary to manage others as well as the tools needed to be successful

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Hiring and Retaining Staff

Logistics of how to open a PT private practice including incorporating, credentialing, lease negotiation, initial marketing strategies and cost to open.

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Personnel Management

Customized training for vital soft skills: communication, consensus-building, and conflict resolution—essential for all employees.

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Marketing Enhancement

Breakdown of internal vs external marketing and why both are essential to a PT practice.

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Systems of Operation

Review key PT practice procedures, emphasizing the crucial role of the Policy and Procedure Manual in the File Vault.

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Billing and Collections

Basic concepts in billing and collections – includes in-house billing vs outsourced billing.

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Scaling, Expansion, and Succession

Guide on scaling your practice within your space, hiring strategically using the 85% rule, and expanding to multiple clinics.

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Pediatric Program

Focused training for pediatric private practices, emphasizing 4 Keys to Success and tailored strategies for thriving.

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Ethics and Compliance

MEG Academy offers exclusive Ethics and Compliance Program to keep your PT practice compliant with evolving regulations and standards.

Explore Certification Programs

The Certification Programs align with the Masters Curriculum to function as an onboarding and professional enhancement system for your employees. Each training promotes the soft skills and role-specific responsibilities that instill consistency and efficiency among staff and creates a comprehensive, standardized onboarding experience.


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Patient Care

Marketing Coordinator


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