With education and coaching at the heart of MEG, we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge from our experience on a wide range of topics in private practice. Keep an eye out for our blogs released weekly for valuable insight into the private practice industry and to build a better practice at every stage of your journey.


Join us on our Physical Therapy Private Practice: Secrets of the Top 10% Podcast, hosted by Brian Gallagher, PT. Every week Brian addresses a facet of physical therapy business and clinical management with personal growth ideas and tips for professional success. Including the occasional interview with top industry professionals, Brian uses this weekly podcast to directly lead, educate and motivate his audience with actionable tips to help get their private practice to the top 10%. 


Our “Zoomcasts” are hosted monthly by Chief Content Officer & MEG Academy Coach Nicole Walczak, PT. A concept born in the heat of the pandemic, our Zoomcasts offer a fun and engaging way to connect with leaders in many areas of the physical therapy industry – virtually on Zoom. Whether it’s a discussion on Leadership, Billing, or new technologies, our Zoomcasts give the latest and greatest! 

Explore our Zoomcast Vault, where you can access the recordings to all our Zoomcasts! 

Free eBooks & Guides

This section features actionable tools, guides, and worksheets that are continually updated and ready to be implemented into your clinic. In this area, you will find: 

  • The Resource Guide to Restructuring Post-Pandemic
  • The COVID-19 Playbook
  • The Marketing Strategies Toolkit
  • The CEO Toolkit
  • The Personnel Toolkit
  • The Structure Worksheet
  • The PT Billing Tipsheet

You will also find a collection of linked resources that we have hand-selected to cover categories such as Practice Management, Clinic Safety, Telehealth & E-Visits and Financial Management.