Private Practice Credentialing Services

As part of our practice management solutions for startups, MEG helps practice owners and their staff with the private practice credentialing process. When you leave the mounds of paperwork and time-consuming provider enrollment calls to our credentialing specialists, you’re free to focus on your business. MEG is here to take that burden off you and your office staff with our provider credentialing services.

Our private practice credentialing team specializes in credential services for physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists. These services include: Group Contracting, Adding Providers to Current Contracts, Medicare Enrollment, Tricare Enrollment, Medicaid Enrollment, and Commercial Insurances Enrollment.

Benefits Included with MEG’s Credentialing Services:

  • Private Practice experts handling all of your credentialing needs.

  • An extension of your team working to obtain all documentation required.

  • 24/7 workflow tool give you real time access to the latest credential status updates.

  • More time to invest in your patients and staff while leaving the bureaucratic paperwork to us.

  • Access to the clinic database with all submitted forms and completed forms.

As you start your private practice, MEG is here to ensure you don’t miss any important details so your business foundation is built upon the best practices that make the top 10% of clinics successful. When we handle your physical therapy credentialing, all you have to do is sign the appropriate paperwork as needed!

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