Private Practice Credentialing Services

Save Time, Reduce Paperwork, Eliminate Hassle:
Let Us Handle It All. 

When you leave the mounds of paperwork and time-consuming provider enrollment calls to our credentialing specialists, you are free to focus on your business.  MEG is here to take the burden off you and your office staff with our best in class provider credentialing services. 

Elise Manka, Director of Credentialing

What We Do

Our private practice credentialing team is dedicated to providing specialized services for physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists. Our expertise includes group contracting, adding providers to existing contracts, and enrolling in Medicare, Tricare, and various commercial insurance plans.

Why Choose MEG for Your Healthcare Credentialing Needs?

At MEG, we understand that credentialing is more than just paperwork—it's a crucial step in safeguarding the operational and financial health of your practice.That’s why we offer personalized services tailored to the unique needs of your practice. Experience comprehensive provider Credentialing with MEG.

Top Reasons MEG Credentialing is The Leading Choice
for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Language Pathologists:

Credentialing Consultation

Enjoy a free 15-minute consultation with our Director of Credentialing, Elise Manka. Gain invaluable insights into credentialing timelines and compliance requirements, ensuring a deep understanding of the process from the start and the importance of accurate credentialing.

Secure Document Management

Say goodbye to confusion during re-credentialing and billing. We expertly manage and store all your contracts and important dates, ensuring everything is in order when you need it.

Prompt Application Processing

Applications are processed and submitted on the same business day that payment is received, ensuring a swift and efficient handling of your application without any unnecessary delays.

Efficient Insurance Handling

From the first inquiry to the final application submission, we take care of every step to ensure a streamlined and effective process for our clients.

Credential Reviews

CAQH, NPI, and license reviews are conducted during onboarding to prevent any issues.

Real-Time Credentialing Updates

Never feel out of the loop again with our 24/7 real-time workflow tool. Expect rapid responses within 24 hours from our dedicated team, making sure you're fully supported every step of the way. We become part of your team!


Start with what you need and expand as you grow. MEG Credentialing offers flexible financial arrangements with no minimums required to begin services, allowing you to scale at a pace that suits your practice’s needs.

Consistent Follow-Ups

We conduct comprehensive weekly follow-ups with insurance companies to ensure a smooth and seamless enrollment process, addressing any issues promptly to maintain continuous progress.

Contract Review and Communication

Before any submission, we will send the contract for your review to ensure all details are correct before forwarding it to the insurance company.

Complete Enrollment Details

Once enrolled, you'll have access to all effective dates and provider IDs.

Not sure if you need expert Credentialing help?
Answer these 3 questions to find out.


What is the difference between contracting and credentialing?


Has your practice fully credentialed your new hire?


When do you need to

If you're unsure about any of these, you're potentially exposing your practice to serious compliance and financial risks. In the competitive field of physical therapy, mastering the credentialing process is essential for maintaining revenue and compliance.

Zoomcast Recording Access

Check out the May 2024 Zoomcast about advanced Credentialing and learn about the MEG Credentialing Health Check

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For just $300 for new clients and a discounted rate of $200 for existing or past clients, this service audits up to 5 insurance contracts, providing you with crucial details like status, effective dates, and re-credentialing schedules. Ensure you’re fully informed and prepared with no gaps in enrollment—contact us to start your credentialing health check and stay ahead in managing your practice’s insurance needs!