Episode 166: 5 Things You Should Outsource in Private Practice

We start this week’s podcast with a big congratulations to all the new grads out there, and with an appreciation for what we have. Brian reminisces about the “do-it-yourself-er” attitude that he had in his early years of practice management, leading to short-term gain, long-term loss. Don’t waste time and energy outside of your strengths. Learn what to outsource!  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Appreciate the value that others can bring to your business 
  • Look for opportunities to grow 
  • Don’t be the “Do-it-yourself-er” 
  • Build a team around you, so that you can stay in your lane 
  • 8/10 owners have no idea that they’re non-compliant 
  1. Outsource Accounting 
  2. Outsource Bookkeeping 
  3. Outsource Legal 
  4. Outsource Credentialing 
  5. Outsource Billing  
  • Manage by statistics weekly
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