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Private Practice Resources: MEG’s Greatest Hits of 2021

In honor of reflecting back on 2021, we wanted to put together a collection of our top private practice resources of the year from our blogs, podcasts and Zoomcasts!

Each of these channels are meant to bring value to our audience in different ways, and we are always seeking to expand our reach beyond the niche of private practice into the entire physical therapy and healthcare community. 

We feel that it’s important for those in the PT field (and for anyone in the business of helping others) to understand entrepreneurship, how to adopt a leadership mindset, how to manage personnel and how to run a successful business. We know that you are great, skilled clinicians, but we also know that PT School did not teach you how to open and run a private practice. 

That’s the gap that we seek to bridge, and connecting you to each of these resources brings us one step closer to achieving our company mission and purpose:

“To improve your life and your practice with our comprehensive virtual training systems, coaching and physical therapy solutions that are based on the award-winning principles and processes of the top 10% of private practices and have helped thousands of physical therapy owners like you succeed.”

Top Private Practice Resources of the Year

Let’s jump into our first resource, our “Practice Made Perfect” blog. These quick reads are jam-packed with value, providing great weekly content for our readers. 

Blog Greatest Hits of 2021:

  1. The 2022 Medicare Proposed Rule: What Physical Therapists Need To Know
  2. Negotiate Insurance Reimbursement Rates For Your Private Practice
  3. Everything You Need To Start A Physical Therapy Practice

The next resource is our award winning  podcast, Physical Therapy Private Practice: Secrets of the Top 10%. These episodes provide our listeners with valuable insight into the business of PT, and Brian is always dropping golden nuggets of wisdom! It’s also a great way to “meet” Brian and learn what we are about here at MEG.

Our podcast is top-rated and in fact was voted into The Top 10 Best Physical Therapy Podcasts by WebPT!

Podcast Greatest Hits of 2021: 

  1. Episode 181: The Things I Wish I Had Known 
  2. Episode 175: Starting Up? How To Do Things The Right Way, The First Time
  3. Episode 167: How To Manage Increasing Private Practice Operational Costs

Lastly, there is our monthly Zoomcast, where Nicole Walczak PT from MEG Academy hosts and brings in industry experts to answer questions and offer new perspectives to our network of PTs. 

Zoomcast Greatest Hits of 2021: 

  1. Strategic Business Partnerships that Make Sense for Physical Therapy Owners
  2. The Painful Truth About Opening Your First Clinic
  3. Solve Your Biggest PT Challenges (A Continued Discussion From PPS 2021)

You can stay up-to-date with any of these resources by following us on social media: 

More of a video-based learner? Our YouTube channel is back in action, giving you quick snippets of advice on a variety of topics straight from Brian, every week. 

Check out our most popular YouTube series to date, our 4-Part Marketing Series

As a physical therapist, you are in the business of helping people and improving lives. As a practice owner, you have the opportunity to create the best patient environment and experience to expand your positive influence into your community, and beyond. Let us help you merge the two – reach out for your Free Practice Assessment today!

Have a merry & bright New Year!
-Your friends at MEG Business Management

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