Episode 181: The Things I Wish I Had Known

In the episode, Brian shares his list of things that he wished he had known when he was starting out in physical therapy private practice, and what he learned along the way. Find out how to do things the right way, the first time!   

Episode at a glance:

  • Billing challenges:
    • Understand contracting 
    • I would never do my own Credentialing now 
    • EMR systems & Billing software 
    • I didn’t understand what a clearinghouse was 
    • Compliance is a must 
    • Know how to do collections 
    • You ought to know all the Billing regulations 
  • Personnel challenges:
    • What you say is not always what people hear 
    • What they say is not always what they mean 
    • What they say they will do, is not always what they do 
    • Striving to be liked and admired is a HUGE mistake 
    • Manage by statistics, not personality 
  • Personal challenges:
    • I wish I had the hatting and tools of a CEO 
    • Adhere to a daily schedule 
    • Abandon the do-it-yourself attitude 
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