MEG’s Most Popular Blogs and Podcasts from 2022

That’s so 2022…

Can you believe we’re finished with another year? As we prepare to close the file on 2022 and welcome the possibilities that are ushered in with 2023, we’re looking back at the content that our readers were most interested in this year.

We hope it gives you a chance to re-read or discover these insights for the first time ahead of what we hope will be your best year yet.

MEG’s Most Read Blogs from 2022

How To Run More Efficient Billing Operations In 2022

MEG tapped into our 50+ billers to see what the team considered the best private practice billing tips to succeed in 2022. What we got were 8 great guidelines that we shared with each of you. Have you implemented them into your billing and collections department yet? We may be biased, but #8 is our favorite tip! Check it out.


The 2022 Physical Therapy Tech Trends To Elevate Your Practice

Physical therapy technology has come a long way since a lot of us became PTs. Nevertheless, so many clinicians are still stuck in the 90’s when it comes to their operations and programs of care. We outline four physical therapy tech trends to watch that include clinical tech trends, front office tech trends, record keeping tech trends and marketing tech trends. 


Understanding The State Of Rehab Therapy In 2022

As soon as our friends at WebPT published their report, The State of Rehab Therapy in 2022, we jumped into a conversation with Dr. Heidi Jannenga, Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of WebPT, to talk about the trends and challenges impacting physical therapists on topics like productivity, operations, growth, retention and emerging technologies. Read and watch!


How To Improve Your Physical Therapy Marketing In 2022

Every PT is concerned they aren’t doing enough to create or leverage the right marketing for their private practice. Earlier this year, we shared some insights into where to direct your time and attention when it comes to your local community, your current and past patients and your local physicians. This quick read is an easy way to elevate your marketing efforts.


The Benefits Of A Cash-Based Private Practice In 2022

For practices who currently operate as an insurance-only clinic, we offered some interesting reasons why you should be considering a cash-based or hybrid business model. See how a cash pay service offering can actually improve your relationship with patients and take a lot of the billing and collections burden off your shoulders. 

MEG’s Most Downloaded Podcasts from 2022

Ep.199: Leadership vs. Management in Private Practice

Brian Gallagher directs his attention to the PT CEOs and managers who can blend and confuse their roles within the private practice. This popular podcast clears up the confusion on what the CEO should be doing, what the responsibilities of the managers are and how to delegate and communicate to staff. If you’re currently tripping over your team, dive back into what it takes to be an effective leader and manager in private practice! 

Ep. 204: Making a Splash in Private Practice with Steve Rapposelli, PT.

Easily one of our favorite podcasts! We sat down with one of our favorite PTs and client, Steve Rapposelli. He represents an incredible example of someone who evolves with the changing times to combat reimbursements, the patient experience and more. Listen in on this fun, helpful discussion with Steve, the successful practice owner and President of Sport Pump and CEO of Stretchplex, to get the background and details on his innovative method of diversifying cash-based income verticals.  


Ep.207: Best Practices for Start-up Owners and Beyond

Throughout all his years of coaching and managing PTs, the number one issue that Brian runs into in physical therapy private practice is personnel management. Too many Private Practice Owners are doing so much IN their business that they only apply a bandaid to the symptoms, rather than heal the core issue. This podcast helps startups and expanding practices avoid common pitfalls and implement important must-haves for success in private practice.

Looking forward to 2023 – together!

As your trusted practice management experts, we can’t wait to see how we get to work together in 2023. Is there a challenge at your practice that needs to be addressed? Curious about a particular best practice in your business? Want to request a specific piece of content? Let’s chat!

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