The 2022 Physical Therapy Tech Trends to Elevate Your Practice

Are you operating like a modern private practice or are you still stuck in the 90’s?

As leaders in practice management services, MEG is always excited to see clinics break the “traditional” mold and offer modern, innovative plans of care for their patients. Not only does it set these practices apart from their local competition, but it also typically delivers a faster, more efficient outcome for the patient. And isn’t that what we’re in the business to do?

To help show the pivotal role that physical therapy technology plays in this industry, MEG has released a new eBook to showcase various tools and techniques that have become available over the last few years and are currently revolutionizing the business.

Get Free Access to our New eBook: “Physical Therapy Technology: How to Enhance Patient Care in 2022”

The Four Physical Therapy Tech Trends to Watch in 2022

Clinics that embrace technology aren’t just disrupting patient care – they’re transforming their private practice operations! By implementing the right tools in the right place, you can make an impact that improves productivity and ultimately, your bottom line. 

This eBook covers four key categories within physical therapy that do as much for business strategy as they do for the patient care experience.

Clinical Tech Trends 

We review the foundational physical therapy technologies that are being leveraged across the US to deliver incredible patient results in rehabilitation and optimal health services.

Front Office Tech Trends 

These “first impression” technologies set the tone for success for the entire therapeutic experience and can make a considerable impact on your clinic’s productivity.

Record Keeping Tech Trends 

When you’re always moving at a fast pace, how do you ensure that the right patient information is being captured and mistakes are avoided? We look at new ways to be successful in the data-driven age.

Marketing Tech Trends 

As with any local business, getting found online is the best way to power your marketing engine. We share the digital marketing tactics that help physical therapy clinics stand out from the competition.

Gain Access to These 2022 Physical Therapy Tech Trends

Luckily, it’s easy to learn what current physical therapy technology is proving to be an incredible investment in 2022 and beyond. Break out of the PT of the 90’s and stand out from the neighborhood practices that are trapped in their traditional ways. Learn how to uncover the potential of technology in your physical therapy practice and deliver a better patient care experience today!

Download eBook: “Physical Therapy Technology: How to Enhance Patient Care in 2022”

Want more tips, tools and techniques to help you work ON your business rather than IN it? We can help. Request a free Practice Assessment from MEG and we’ll connect you with practice management experts to get the conversation started.

2022 Physical Therapy Technology Trends

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