Understanding the State of Rehab Therapy in 2022

Our friends at WebPT have recently launched a very insightful trend report, The State of Rehab Therapy in 2022, that highlights the highs and lows affecting the rehab therapy industry.

Why This Report Matters to PTs:

The report is a comprehensive analysis of the trends and challenges impacting physical therapists. It addresses the results of over 6,600 survey responses from rehab therapy professionals across a variety of specialties and regions. They discuss the hot topics of their business including productivity, operations, growth, retention and emerging technology – to name just a handful.  

Hear from Industry Experts on Critical Topics:

MEG Business founder, Brian Gallagher, represents one of the many industry leaders and influencers who contributed his opinion to the findings and the way forward. In the report, Brian calls to attention the fact that 70% of respondents are considering a professional change of some kind, and how the government’s role in regulatory policies likely has 13% considering leaving healthcare altogether. Later in the report, Brian points out that it takes most respondents 3 months to fill a position and discusses the mindset needed to improve hiring and decrease the time it takes to bring a new employee onboard. 

Get the Full Story from WebPT and MEG:

This week, we are so excited to have Dr. Heidi Jannenga, Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of WebPT, on Brian’s podcast to discuss the current state of rehab therapy together. Check out the teaser below! 

This podcast is now available. 

Brian and Heidi unwrap the report and present it as a “plan of care” for the private practice by outlining the actions PTs can take based on these findings to improve the condition of our industry. 

This State of Rehab Therapy podcast will discuss in detail:

  • The challenges of employee retention
  • The disconnect between Leadership and Therapists
  • Bridging the gap between work-life balance, company culture 
  • The disparity between student debt and student loan payback options

Tune into our podcast, Physical Therapy Private Practice: Secrets of the Top 10% to hear the full interview and download The State of Rehab Therapy in 2022 today to get the inside scoop on your industry!

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