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Get More From Your Physical Therapy Front Desk: Free Zoomcast

Are you getting the most out of your physical therapy front desk?

For physical therapy practice owners, this is an expensive question. By not properly utilizing this key role, your patient experience and business revenue may suffer the consequences. 

As practice management experts, MEG Business is hosting a live, two-way Zoom Cast event to showcase the many ways the physical therapy front desk role can be used to its full potential. Joining MEG for this presentation is Raxia, an industry specialist in developing secure, HIPAA-compliant tech that automates mission-critical patient interactions in order to cultivate positive patient experiences.

Together, MEG and Raxia will address these physical therapy front desk topics:

  • The importance of the front desk in your practice
  • How has the role of the front desk evolved in PT Private Practice?
  • How to handle challenges in hiring, personnel management, and cost of labor increases
  • What technology can improve the patient experience and solve overall business goals?

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Meet the Expert Panelists from MEG and Raxia:

  1. Nicole Walczak, PT (Chief Development Officer, MEG)
  2. Andy Kuan (CEO, Raxia)
  3. Scott Wilson (Head of Product, Raxia)
  4. Jennifer Till (Client Liaison, MEG)

Nicole Walczak, PT and Chief Development Officer at MEG Academy

Nicole graduated in 2002 from Concordia University Wisconsin with a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy. She worked the majority of her career as a Clinical Director in various outpatient orthopedic clinics throughout the Midwest. Nicole joined the MEG team in 2016 and currently is a Coach and Chief Development Officer of the MEG Academy Virtual Training Program. She conducts live demos of the VT system and works in research & development to constantly seek ways to improve and strengthen the MEG Academy training platform.

Andy Kuan, CEO of Raxia

At Raxia, Andy manages cybersecurity and develops the statistical analysis and machine learning tools that power Raxia's AI engine. Previously, Andy was CEO at Plum Voice where he was responsible for formulating and implementing the company’s strategic plan and overseeing daily operational needs. During Andy’s term as CEO, Plum experienced seven-fold revenue growth. He also established and fostered a corporate culture where employee tenure remained more than double the tech industry average. Earlier in his career, Andy worked as a network architect at Digital (acquired by Compaq, and then, subsequently, by HP) and a systems engineer at News Corporation. At Harvard University, Andy earned a BA in physics.

Scott Wilson, Head of Product for Raxia

Scott drives Raxia’s product strategy. Prior to Raxia, Scott served as COO at Plum Voice where he managed product, strategic partnerships, marketing and sales. During his tenure Scott was responsible for a tenfold increase in Platform as a Service (PaaS) revenue working with some of the largest healthcare providers in the country. Before Plum, Scott administered integrated marketing programs for some of the world’s most iconic brands at Draft (acquired by FCB), one of the world’s largest global marketing communications companies. Scott earned his BA from the University of Colorado.

Jennifer Till, Client Liaison for MEG Business Management

Jennifer joined MEG Business Management in 2014 as Client Liaison and Executive Assistant to MEG’s President, Brian Gallagher. Prior to that, she worked in Brian’s outpatient clinic Cypress Creek Physical Therapy for several years in the Marketing division as the Patient Care Representative. Her overwhelmingly positive attitude and speediness in response time with communication to MEG clients has helped develop and strengthen the client experience at MEG. In her free time, Jennifer serves as a certified Jazzercise Instructor since 1995 and teaches 2-3 classes a week live streaming from her home.

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