Episode 125: How to Get Innovative with Your Front Desk (and Beyond)!

Good news: we’re noticing that things are starting to ramp up again! Now is the time to be forward-thinking and to find ways to cut down on your overhead and your biggest cost – the cost of your labor. Learn the changes that you can implement to create an innovative, flexible and efficient practice. Always do what you can to keep in your production, efficiency and quality!  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • The Shared-Risk model will make a positive financial impact on your practice!  
  • Latest on PPP: SBA has recently announced to the banks that they are about to roll out a digital portal on Aug 10th. This will be able to handle the millions of businesses that have accepted the PPP loan.  
  • To maintain social distancing & CDC guidelines in the clinic: you need more hours to reach the volume of patients that you had previously.  
  • You can use a value point system/bonus system based off performance 
  • iPad kiosk at front desk to check in patients, with front desk admin checking in remotely 
  • The future of physical therapy is digital 
  • Properly onboard your front desk staff with enhancement training – FROM HOME 
  • You NEED an innovative and intuitive EMR system  
  • Consider your options for reducing admin staff (off-site, remote management, etc)  


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