Episode 51: Why The Front Desk is The Heartbeat of Your Practice

If you want to be a successful startup, we always recommend starting with an office manager. Front desk is a huge gateway to your practice and the office manager should run that show (consider the front desk and office manager the gate keepers) and be the core of your front desk management system.  This week in our podcast, Brian discusses the benefits of this for your startup, but also how to create a culture of US for your practice, and how the front desk contributes to that.  

Episode at a glance:​

  • Start-ups that open with an office manager on board and trained always do better than those who don’t.
  • Maintaining the clinician to admin ration of 1:1 or better is critical to success when building the practice. ​
  • Work to create a team culture that avoids the us versus them attitude, or the admin versus clinical group culture. 
  • Host ongoing, once per month staff meetings that include professional enhancement training that includes role playing and ghost calls once per month.
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