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Competitive Edge Performance

How Competitive Edge Performance Improved Revenue 74% Compared to their 5 Year Average

After enrolling in MEG Academy, CEP owner Jason Waz, DPT was able to implement the systems of operation needed to grow his practice.

“I have grown so much as a business owner and as a person since I met Brian and his team at the end of 2017 and I am well on my way to  having the practice and life I have always wanted – I just didn’t know how to get there. “

The Challenges of Practice Ownership

In 2017, prior to discovering MEG Academy, Jason Waz, DPT was an owner who was overwhelmed working in his practice. He didn’t have time to work out for himself what changes needed to be made to help his practice grow and afford him a better work-life balance. His practice, Competitive Edge Performance was highly regarded within his community as a premier PT provider to the common everyday person and professional athletes alike. As a result, he made a conscious effort to stay up on top of the latest manual techniques and PT technologies that would yield exceptional outcomes.  Like so many owners who attempt to run their practice from the hat of a PT instead of a CEO, the vital business, personnel, and marketing successful actions were lacking.

Jason was failing to wear the hats necessary to provide business growth and stability.  He began searching for a PT practice management system, which would result in the company culture he desired along with increased operator skills and certainty. For example, he knew that in order for things to change he needed to hire another PT, but he worried about not having enough patients to support them which for so many is a catch 22. He decided to seek out some guidance from a professional business coach because he saw first hand how the best athletes all worked with their own personal coaches to develop their own skills even further.

Asking for Help and Finding MEG

At the end of 2017, Jason began working with MEG Business Management with one-on-one personalized coaching, later enrolling in MEG Academy. Within the first six months of training, he was able to step back from being the full-time clinician in his clinic to being the CEO. Now that he understood the hat of the CEO and the metrics that he needed to hold in on others, it became easy for him to make decisions that would have an immediate impact on the practice. He credits MEG Academy, for giving him the training he needed to put in the structure and systems of operations not only for himself, but also his staff. His numbers speak for themselves in all areas of the practice; marketing, production, efficiency, and financial. 

With his coaching hours, Jason learned that his business would do much better in another location. So he decided to trust the MEG management system and set up in a new location according to all the stats and metrics he had been taught to guide himself throughout its early beginning. During the same month of the move, his practice had a record number of visits – the first test that proved the MEG approach was working with many more to follow.

The Results: 30% Growth

Jason states, “I have grown so much as a business owner, and as a person since I met Brian and the MEG team at the end of 2017.” He has also been able to dedicate more time to his other business – the NeuPT Tech. Through the NeuPT Tech, he has educated dozens of other PT practice owners on how to  take their practice to the next level through innovation and technology “I am now well on my way to having the practice and the life I always wanted – I just didn’t know how to get there.” 

  • He now treats patients only 2 days per week and is able to work on his practice as the CEO. 
  • In 2018, CEP increased revenue by 74% compared to the previous 5 year average. 
  • Over the past year, he has hired three additional licensed practitioners that consistently meet their productivity metrics and is recruiting additional staff as the growth in year 2 under MEG is exceeding 30% each month. 
  • He now has a management team in place along with systems of accountability that effectively handle the day to day operations of the practice whether he is present or not. 

Prior to working with MEG, Jason’s family missed him on the weekends because he was always catching up. Nowadays, he is home on the weekends, and can leave the clinic to have family time as he pleases. He was able to take nearly a month off in July 2019 to travel with his family, and while his staff had the most productive month in the history of his practice. Jason says, “It took me ten plus years in practice to realize the need to hire a consultant. Whether you are starting up a practice, or have operated your practice for a decade or more like me, I absolutely and unequivocally recommend seeking the advice and direction from someone like Brian and his team at MEG Business Management.”

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