The 4 Keys to Private Practice Success Program

Did you know that the secret to work/life balance and increased production lies in the 4 Keys to Practice Success? Did you even know that you can have such a balance? We have identified the formula for working smarter, not harder in the private practice environment. 

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1.5 Credit Hours

This 4 Keys to Private Practice Success Program is a self-assessment tool to evaluate your practice’s environment, structure, personnel, and systems of operation. The purpose of the Program is to help you identify your practice’s barriers to success and develop strategies to implement improved efficiency and productivity.

By the end of this program, you will have a full understanding of the benchmarks you need to know and the path to take in order to reach your ideal scene in your physical therapy practice.


Chapter 1 – The 4 Keys to Business Success

Chapter 2 – Assessing Your Own Practice

Chapter 1 – The Location

Chapter 2 – The Physical Space

Chapter 3 – Equipment

Chapter 1 – The 4 Types of Owners

Chapter 2 – The Ideal Structure for PT Private Practice

Chapter 1 – Understanding Exchange and the 4 Types of Employees

Chapter 2 – Training and Developing Your Staff

Chapter 3 – Company Culture and Staff Morale

Chapter 1 – The Power of Standard Operating Procedures

Chapter 2 – The Policy & Procedure Manual

The four keys program is the step-by-step guide to taking back control over your future. Whether you are a Staff PT, CD, or PT owner, your future happiness comes from your ability to act autonomously on what you observe for yourself.

The success of this program stems from it’s engineered systematic approach toward professional training that involves education, duplication, and application.

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