Physical Therapy Business Coaching and Billing Solutions For Private Practice Owners

We boomed our own Physical Therapy Private Practice to “Practice of the Year”, and have effectively educated and coached hundreds of other private practice owners across the country for over a decade. We want to help you overcome your unique challenges by sharing our successful solutions with you.

How Does MEG Help Physical Therapy Practice Owners?

MEG is a full-service Physical Therapy Billing and hands-on Executive and Staff Training Company

  • MEG is owned, operated and facilitated by a physical therapist and successful practice owner – Brian Gallagher.
  • We create relationships with you and your staff. We are not just consultants. We educate, train, drill, and mentor you through the entire process.
  • We provide customized training and guidance to help you achieve both your personal and business needs and goals. 

Why Was MEG Created?

Here is the story why a physical therapy practice owner decided to start his own physical therapy billing and collections company.

Who Is Brian Gallagher, PT?

Brian is the Founder and CEO of MEG Business Management and the most valuable asset to MEG!

Brian's Recent Publications

"Ensure Your Patients Follow Through with Treatment with One Simple Task" (September 2016)

"The Benefits of Adding a Patient Care Representative to Your Team" (October 2016)

"Established Shared Goals of Success for both Patient and Client"(November 2016)

"Top Ten Tips in Money Matters" (March 2017)

"5 Steps To Get All Your Practice Locations On The Same Page" (April 2017)

"Tools To Reduce Burnout" (July 2017)

Cover photos were taken from the PPS APTA Impact Magazine Website. Click Here To Visit Their Site!

Our Solutions Will Reignite You Passion as a Private Practice Owner!

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