Episode 230: The State of Rehab Therapy Report Highlights and Workable Solutions with Dr. Heidi Jannenga

We are excited to welcome Dr. Heidi Jannenga from WebPT back onto the podcast! In this episode, Heidi and Brian dive into the major trends and highlights from the robust and collaborative State of Rehab Therapy Report that the WebPT team recently published. Join us for a compelling conversation on employee retention & compensation, company culture, and the direction of the physical therapy industry!  

Episode at a glance:

  • The State of Rehab Therapy Report is like a plan of care for your business 
  • The physical therapy profession’s turnover was roughly 9% in 2021 (about 3x the healthcare industry!) 
  • Business advancement is not a ladder. It’s a jungle gym 
  • Thinking outside the box? No, throw out the box!  
  • If you’re not growing, you’re shrinking 
  • 20% of your income should come from cash-based services 
  • You’re a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Act like it!

    Explore WebPT’s The State of Rehab Therapy Report in 2022 

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