2021 Physical Therapy Expansion Plan

The 2021 Physical Therapy Practice Expansion Plan

Are you looking to expand your physical therapy practice? Often, private practices that have been established for a long time hit a threshold where they don’t seem to be able to grow any further or they simply stop seeing the results they used to because the industry has moved forward without them.  

As the #1 Physical Therapy Expansion Resource, MEG Business is happy to provide the insights and valuable tips that we’ve learned from consulting thousands of private practice owners so that you can effectively expand your PT Clinic and join the top 10% of successful practices. 

How Existing Physical Therapy Owners Grow Their Practice 


Evaluate Practice Environment

The first step in your physical therapy expansion plan should be to evaluate your current practice environment. Consider the location of your clinic. Is it convenient for your patients to visit? Does it have adequate accessibility features, and does it give your brand visibility? If the location of your private practice is less than ideal, it may be more difficult to expand.

Next, you should take a look at the physical space itself. The clinic should be professional but still allow patients to feel comfortable. A sub-par facility can make the difference between a top practice and one that is struggling to grow! 

Likewise, it’s essential to invest in your equipment. Obtaining new and innovative equipment is a great way to expand your private practice and attract more clientele. For instance, the NEUBIE E Stim Device has given many private practice owners an edge on healing patients faster and adding cash-based services to their clinic. 

Optimize Operational Systems

Next, you must review your operational systems and business processes. Start by creating standard operating procedures for the vital tasks that keep your clinic running. 

For example, you should analyze patient intake, billing and collection processes, credentialing, and other essential operations to see what could be improved and made more efficient. This will allow you to streamline tasks and determine what should be kept in-house or outsourced instead. 

Successful private practice owners know it’s impossible to develop a physical therapy expansion plan without first optimizing your daily operations. 

Improve Leadership Skills

As a private practice owner, improving your leadership skills allows you to take your physical therapy clinic to the next level. CEO and executive-level training will give you the tools you need to lead your team and grow your practice. 

Try out our CEU-certified training program, the 4 Keys to Practice Success, which can help you work smarter – not harder – when it comes to boosting revenues and productivity. 

Focus on Personnel 

And while strong leadership skills are essential for a private practice owner, you can only grow with the help of your team. By focusing on personnel management, you can get more productivity out of your staff and more efficiency out of each role.

Work with your team to set goals related to your practice expansion. This will help you gain momentum and ensure that your employees are on board! Once your culture is thriving, results follow quickly.

Work with MEG for a Practice Expansion Evaluation

The best way to grow your physical therapy clinic is to partner with MEG to obtain a Practice Expansion Evaluation. Our mentors and physical therapy solution experts will help you discover the skills and tools you need to join the top 10% of clinics, at no cost!

Not only will we help you assess your current practice – and where it’s headed – but we’ll also show you what it will take to get there.

Contact MEG today to get started!

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