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Ep.133: Understanding the Compliance Behind Internal & External Marketing

Physical Therapy Private Practice: Secrets of the Top 10%

Episode 123: What it Means to be Compliant, and Are You at Risk?

Today, lets talk about how to put in an ounce of prevention to avoid a pound of pain. Again, we did not go to school for this. On this podcast, Brian reminds his audience that Compliance is mandatory and is constantly changing – it is your responsibility to get the correct data and to stay on top of it. Tune in to learn what policies & procedures you need to put into place in order to apply Compliance to protect yourself, your patients, and your practice.   

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • We are empowered by the freedom of knowledge 
  • Be a critical thinker 
  • If youre a fully compliant Medicare clinic, youre compliant across the board 
  • There is a difference between teaching and training 
  •  PT private practice providers are federally required to be implementing a tailor-made Compliance program 
  • 9/10 of the practice owners we meet are (perhaps unknowingly) Non-compliant  
  • You need a Compliance policy in place so that you dont apply different rules to different staff members  
  • You need to assign someone to dictate these policies (Compliance officer, committee, etc)  
  • PTs are essential workers, so make sure you get medical clearance before returning to work after travelling  
  • As of right now, Gmail is not compliant – make sure the service you use is fully encrypted 


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Episode 122: What to Know for Effective Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World

It is interesting to consider the ways that the pandemic has not only altered the way that things operate in our country (and worldwide), but the impact that this has on the public psyche. It is crucial now more than ever that our patients feel safe, protected, and advocated for. On this weeks podcast, Brian shares valuable marketing strategies & tools to maintain effective communication and continued support for your patients in this post-pandemic landscape.  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Marketing: the mechanical aspect of building your brand and reputation which is delivered directly to your public using the most effective means possible 
  • We must work harder than ever toward flourishing & prospering through our own ingenuity 
  • Re-establish your ideal scene – you have no shot of arriving at your destination if you dont know what it looks like 
  • Create a new logo, add a tagline, and/or find a picture that speaks to who you are as a company 
  • People have their own Brands! 
  • Use various means (ex. A blog or vlog) to reinforce to your public the actions that you are taking to keep them safe 
  • Marketing campaigns should run two months at a time and stay on a consistent theme with the intention of reaching a single audience member at least five times 
  • Be genuine and supportive 
  • Publish a 3-min (or less) Video starring a patient to go on your website and social media that is built around the following sequence: 
  • The patients initial fears and considerations upon entering the clinic 
  • The patients real-life experiences in doing so 
  • The patients outcomes/successes with their therapy 

** This is not a Testimonial video! This is the story of a real-life experience that your patients can identify with.   

Episode 121: What You Need to Know to Reopen, Rehire, and Refocus

This, of course, will be individualized for everyone – but on today’s podcast, Brian reminds his listeners how to be the Go-Getter owner by refocusing their efforts and applying the changes necessary to have their practice emerge even stronger after the events of 2020. He poses both big-picture concepts and specific actionable items for success. Ask yourself: what is your ideal scene? Tune in to learn how to achieve this.

Key Takeaways/Points

  • Ask yourself: what have I done this year to make a difference with my staff both personally and professionally?
  • You deserve (and need!) the best Billing on your side
  • The need for admin personnel in your office is dwindling in 2020
  • Assimilate this information into your thought process – then understand its application
  • Surround yourself with people who you want to see win
  • This is the time to retool your BRAND
  • Reevaluate the individual members of your staff whom you are looking to bring back – bring back the winners!
  • Update your Policies & Procedures (P&P Manual)
  • Generate 20% of your revenue from cash
  • Consider converting to a shared-risk model which is not just focused on income
  • You have to find the “cocktail” of Marketing strategies that work for you – different for where you are in the country, etc
  • Be self-reliant
  • Planning –> programming –> targeting –> MAPPING (Management Action Plan)

Episode 120: Advocating Against Discrimination for Practice Success

Well say it again: it shouldnt require a policy for us to be doing the right thing.” Yet, in light of what were seeing nationwide, we found it necessary to reevaluate how to appropriately handle personnel and practice anti-discrimination in physical therapy. Lets confront this issue to make a safe space for everyone, and learn how to enforce zero-tolerance for discrimination using firm policies in your practice.   

Key Takeaways/Points

  • Jack up your professional ability to confront these issues.
  • Everyone should have equal opportunity to reach their goals, both personally and professionally.  
  • Just because you havent personally experienced it, doesnt mean that it doesnt exist. 
  • Create your documented policies on Rocket Lawyer. 
  • Get these policies in your P&P manual.
  • Keep these areas of Compliance in check – training.
  • There is no room for hate in our profession or our world. 
  • 5 Phase Hiring Program 
  • Have zero tolerance for bad apple” employees – the thorough hiring process. 
  • Create an environment for everyone to succeed. 

Episode 119: They Say PT has Changed Forever… Why?

On this weeks podcast, Brian compares his personal mindset pre-pandemic, to how it has shifted today. Conclusion: its greatly different in some ways, and the same in others. Tune in for some crucial questions to ask yourself for your staff, patients and practice to decide what strategies would be best for you in your individual circumstance.

Key Takeaways/Points 

    • Telehealth is likely here to stay” – in some magnitude 
    • When the pandemic is over” will the HHS stop covering Telehealth for Medicare patients? 
    • Find the schedule that works for you 
    • For manual therapy – think outside the box for treating 
    • NOW IS THE TIME to move to a shared-risk model for your staff 
    • Clean out the clutter in your clinic! You need more floor space without paying more rent 
    • Think about how you can give greater value to your patients & staff 
    • You must bring in an LMS (Learning Management System)  
    • You need to invest in the power players around you so you can trust them and get out of their way 

Episode 118: The importance of company structure and an effective management team

On this weeks episode, Brian seeks to tackle STRUCTURE. He addresses the necessary actions to put you, the owner, at Cause over your time and operation by getting in this crucial element. A key ingredient of this is knowing how to manage your team, and how to communicate. Learn how to keep in your organization so that your leadership/executive skills can shine through.  


Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Don’t shirk your personnel management skills 
  • Run your practice – don’t let it run you 
  • Structure. Dictates. Function! 
  • Cultivate a business model that has a substantial structure 
  • You NEED some kind of organization chart 
  • Consider adding cash-based services to your business (hybrid model) 
  • The structure needs to go in first 
  • # of times over = certainty 
  • Most CEOs/Owners spend too much time treating patients, you have other hats that need attention.
  • Commit to training the “power players” that you hire 
  • It’s about hiring the being, the person (NOT the resume)