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Ep.133: Understanding the Compliance Behind Internal & External Marketing

Physical Therapy Private Practice: Secrets of the Top 10%

Personnel Management Through Statistics & Metrics (Episode 135)

On this podcast, Brian begins by pausing to reminisce on his realizations about becoming a true CEO with work/life balance. He inspires his audience to lead by example, evaluate what type of owner they are, and work backwards from their products to find which stats & metrics they need to accomplish them. If you’re seeking a positive change, start with yourself and learn how important stats & metrics are for PT staff management and leadership.  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Your greatest challenge in PT is always the personnel 
  • Acknowledge the person, and validate the performance 
  • Manage by statistics, NEVER by personality 
  • Invest in your staff both personally and professionally 
  • Who you are is more important than what you accomplish 
  • Evaluate what type of owner you are 
  • Don’t get reasonable with your staff 
  • Work from metrics/stats on Org Board 
  • Be transparent about why these stats and products matter 
  • Your accounts receivable should never be over 15% over 90 days old (Billing metric) 
  • Make sure your staff knows how the statistics stack up in the overall company 


Why Do You Need A Learning Management System?

Brian recounts his discovery of virtual training, and how it changed everything! This effective, web-based virtual platform allows for cohesive & thorough training which will prevent you from hearing “I never learned that!” or I didn’t know that” ever again. Learn the bigger problem causing the symptoms in your clinic, and how to handle it. Here’s the secret: it all starts with your decision.  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • You can continually update a virtual training platform 
  • Takes out the guesswork 
  • Huge ROI 
  • You need structures & systems
  • Leads to staff retention 
  • Highly interactive 
  • More economical 
  • Education – Duplication – Application 
  • Needs to include testing and assignments 
  • Role Play = confidence with application 
  • Has to have certification & gamification 
  • Keep it simple 

Episode 133: Successful & Scalable Marketing Strategies

Here is something we’ve learned at MEG – you can almost never get too much training. So let’s dive in and learn how to make your “good deeds well known” through your PR & Marketing, so as to help more patients through your amazing care in physical therapy. It’s time to take control of your future as we enter the 4th Quarter by identifying your goals and strategizing how your Marketing can help you achieve them.  


Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Knowledge -> Confidence -> Certainty -> Good decisions  
  • 4 Types of Owners 
  • Reevaluate your purpose 
  • Identify your targets & objectives 
  • Get your 3 income verticals 
  • You need a Marketing Dept (Internal & External) 
  • Work backward from what you want (goals) 
  • Hire people with the “PR Personality” 
  • PCR (Patient Care Rep) = Internal Marketing 
  • Marketing Coordinator = External Marketing 
  • Front Desk Coordinator is a part of Marketing! 
  • Weekly MAP (Management Action Plan) 
  • 2-Month Marketing Campaign  

Episode 132: 4 Keys to Practice Success Post-Pandemic

This week, Brian gives his audience another powerful tool to propel them into our ever-changing societal landscape. Now is the time to repurpose, rebrand and reapply yourself, and what you learn. Let’s get clear and organized for the future of our practice and learn how to utilize the 4 Keys in today’s environment.  


Key Takeaways/Points 

  • 1st Key: Environment 
    • Same as before pandemic: 1,200-2,400 sq ft. size is ideal
    • Open layout
    • 1 private office + 1 unisex bathroom 
    • Multi-purpose room
  • 2nd Key: Structure 
    • Post-COVID: scaled back from 7 Division Org Board to 5 Divisions 
  • 3rd Key: Personnel 
    • Must have their product(s) defined 
    • Pick and choose who you bring back post-pandemic 
  • 4th Key: Systems of Operation (SOP’s) 
    • Pay-for-performance compensation program (Shared risk model) 
    • 5 Phase Hiring Process 
    • Include cash-based services 

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Ep.131: The Truth Behind the Proposed 9% Medicare Cut

On today’s podcast, Brain is ready to have a discussion and drill down to the core of what’s really behind this 9% cut. As an advocate and member of the APTA, he refers to some of their material on the topic. It’s time to get positive – and change your operating basis. Tune in for some stabilizing advice & info on what this thing is and what to do about it.  

 Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Maintenance Programs now available to PTs 
  • Pay for what you use 
  • Shared Risk model 
  • Get your payroll under 60% of your total gross income – cut overhead 
  • This cut = the conversion factor 
  • Understand your RVUs 
  • This cut is significant – we have to go to Congress 
  • You need 20% of your revenue to come from cash-based services 
  • 40% increase in 5 year’s time for PT services 
  • *Refer to the flyer below 

Episode 130: Interview on Expansion Success with Cathy Renkiewicz, DPT

On today’s podcast, we welcome guest Cathy Renkiewicz, DPT and Director of Virginian Rehabilitation and Wellness in Fairfax, VA.

Brian sees it two ways:

1) you can either “wing it” through opening and expanding your practice.

2) you can get the guidance and help that you need, and deserve. Tune in to learn about Cathy’s unique journey and how MEG helped her grow and expand successfully!  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • 4 Types of Owners 
  • Transparency breeds trust 
  • We have to take the responsibility to enhance the skills of those on our team 
  • You need structure through Status Sheets and agreed-upon expectations 
  • Be clear about the exchange 
  • The people at your front desk are gold 
  • The 5 Phase Hiring Process involves everyone 
  • The ability to confront is not the same as “confrontation” 
  • You cannot manage over a disagreement 
  • Hiring is not a negotiation, it is a discussion 
  • The more communication, the better 
  • Have a market differentiator 
  • You should have 3 verticals of income in your practice 

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