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How to Improve Physical Therapy Onboarding and Training with LMS

The top 10% of physical therapy practices aren’t recreating the onboarding process from scratch every time they hire a new member of their physical therapy staff. 

They don’t need to repeat themselves over and over again. They don’t have to worry if they missed any important information. And they don’t have to set aside their time to take each staff through the unique training that their role requires.

What’s the solution? Successful physical therapy practice owners are using a Learning Management System to standardize this critical component of business.


A Learning Management System (LMS) is a virtual training program that digitally curates the courses and content needed for specific roles or responsibilities. When used to onboard and train private practice staff, we’ve seen marked improvement in employee buy-in, engagement and retention – plus, the possibility of advancement is easier through tailored pathways to leadership and management with certification training.

Matrix Blog agrees, noting that LMS increases employee engagement by 92% when it uses gamification, learning scenarios and simulations.

It’s no surprise why businesses across every industry are employing an LMS strategy before employing their staff.

eLearningIndustry reports LMS has impacted organizations in a big way:

  • It’s used by 77% of US companies as of 2017 with that number on the rise 
  • 40% of Fortune 500 companies have adopted this strategy 
  • 72% of users claim online learning provides a competitive advantage

And since 75% of employees prefer video-based learning over reading information (Designing Digitally), and 49% prefer to learn at their own pace (Docebo), the LMS is a perfect solution for onboarding and training your physical therapy staff.

Plus, your organization will save the time and money necessary to increase employee retention (and the costs of replacing staff) as well as increase revenue when the staff is better informed on how to sell services and perform treatments.

Check Out These Proven Benefits of a Learning Management System for Your Business: 

  • Matrix Blog reports that employees using an LMS increase training efficiency by 93%.
  • Cryptex claims that 42% of companies save huge on their training costs with an LMS.
  • Emerald Works has seen a lift of 9% across organizational growth, profit and productivity.
  • Dashe & Thomson found that elearning uses 40%-60% less employee time.
  • Capterra reports that 77% of learners feel more satisfied, productive and educated after using an LMS during COVID-19.

So, how do you bring this next-generation digital learning environment to your private practice?

Good News: The heavy lifting has already been done for you! There’s no need to create the onboarding systems yourself – just use our own award-winning video programs.

The practice management specialists at MEG Business have spent years building out virtual educational programs to help onboard and train the staff and leaders at your physical therapy clinic.

Now, MEG Academy is available to any physical therapy owner who wants to have their best year yet or improve specific areas of their business through customized training and coaching. With online courses and packages to fit any budget, we’re ready to give you access to the virtual training you need to take your business to the next level.

If you’re ready to learn more, schedule a quick call with our team to find the best training to match your challenges. Plus, we are currently offering a free hour of coaching for any new clients (a $477 value!). 

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