Do You Have a Learning Management System? 3 Reasons Why You Should

Some of us enter the business sphere thinking things are just going to be easy-breezy.

I was a successful physical therapist, so wouldn’t I know if I’m hiring the right employee to be a part of my team? If they’re a qualified candidate, shouldn’t they meet all expectations? My employees don’t need any additional training, do they?

Unfortunately, the answers to these questions might not be as straightforward as you think.

We have found in our decades of coaching private practice owners here at MEG that the only way to truly prepare employees for success in your company is through an LMS (Learning Management System).

What is an LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a training system given as a part of the onboarding process with the purpose of improving employee engagement, retention and microlearning with gamification, and that has tailored pathways to leadership and management with certifications.

We have seen that implementing an LMS into your on-boarding process procures the following results:

  • A stronger interest from more engaged candidates
  • Hiring & Onboarding the right staff is more successful
  • Organized learning pathways for enhanced leadership, management, and clinical skills
  • Maintains compliance with all standards, rules, regulations, and reporting

Reason #1: We have seen that with the implementation of a Learning Management System, there is an opportunity for greater physical therapy staff development & skill enhancement

This isn’t to say that you don’t trust the skills that the new hire has listed on their resume, but rather provides them with the unique opportunity to take advantage of the training module you have set up for them at no additional cost to them. 

This not only proves right off the bat that you are interested in growing them both personally and professionally, but these are developmental skills that they will take with them everywhere, for the rest of their careers. After all, education is the one thing that belongs entirely to them, and cannot be taken away. 

Reason #2: It will result in better staff retention with lower recruitment costs.

Think about it, a Learning Management System sets the tone for your company culture by showing that you are willing to invest in your employee’s professional growth. 

With this understood, it will be clear to the employee that they are not just another name in the books or another number on the roster. They are an individual who is not expected to know all there is to know in the field, and who is encouraged to learn and grow. 

This eases the pressure that we often feel upon entering a new position that we’ve got to present ourselves as experts to prove our worth. The company is encouraging that you continue to learn, entirely on their dollar. It would even be a good idea to incorporate a sort of gamification feel to the system, complete with rewards and certificates. 

This trust formed at the very beginning sets you up for a healthy and lasting business relationship, leading to better staff retention and thereby less hiring & recruiting costs. 

Reason #3: Lastly, you should have an LMS because it ensures greater practice efficiency, resulting in greater productivity.

We have found that it is more profitable to have an effective Learning Management System. 

When physical therapy employees understand their positions better and faster, it eliminates the guesswork and unknowns that are often encountered at the start of a job. 

The usual transition period as the individual “learns on the job” is reduced, as they are actively learning and practicing their position day after day. 

And let me remind you of an important equation: Greater practice efficiency + greater productivity = increased net revenue. 

That’s right, you have to spend money to make money! 

In summary, an LMS can help you grow your physical therapy staff both personally & professionally which will make a deep impact on their lives. Plus, when you invest in your staff like you care, they will see and feel it, which means they are more likely to stick around. Finally, if they are enabled to work with more efficiency, you all will win.

Without a Learning Management System, you run the risk of encountering muddled communication, disagreement, and an overall lack of growth.  

Bottom line: Get an LMS!

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