How to Attract More New Patients with MEG Academy

One of the more common questions we get from physical therapy owners across the country is, “how much growth should I expect from year to year?”  We have found that private practices in the top 10% typically see a 15% growth in their numbers across the board: from new patients to patient visits, to gross income. One of the reasons why the top 10% can achieve such growth is due to a well-structured and well-trained marketing division that places equal importance on internal and external marketing

Benjamin Franklin once said “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” MEG Academy is an interactive platform that is so successful because it incorporates the education, duplication, and application methodology of learning. This approach ensures that your marketing team is trained to excel at internal and external marketing. Regardless of whether your marketing team is one or four people, training them to understand what their product is and how to obtain that product is critical. The marketing team also needs to be provided with the proper tools in order to be successful in their marketing efforts.

Grow Your Practice with MEG Academy

The first step to ensuring you create an effective marketing team is to develop a consistent and comprehensive onboarding system

This is where MEG Academy will drive you ahead of your competition. Not only does it devote an entire program to the onboarding process and certification programs for the appropriate staff members, but also allows you to continue to enhance your marketing teams skills far beyond the initial onboarding process. 

Here are some questions to consider to assess your marketing efforts: 

  • Where are the majority of your new patients coming from? What percentage of new patients are return business?
  • What does your annual marketing plan look like? Do you have one? 
  • Do you have consistent branding? Does your marketing promo look professional and clean? 

These questions are necessary to consider because they are really the basis of your internal and external marketing efforts. While internal marketing should be geared towards increasing business within your four walls, your external marketing efforts should be in expanding your referrals outside your clinic. Understanding the difference in internal and external marketing is key to developing a well rounded Marketing Plan.  

Inside MEG Academy’s Marketing Enhancement Program

Inside the Marketing Enhancement Program in MEG Academy, you and your marketing staff will have access to lecture and role play videos that train them to communicate better with patients, doctors as well as other referral sources. In addition, with a full chapter on the Annual Marketing Program alone, your staff will understand how your Business Strategic Plan helps drive the Annual Marketing Program, which then helps map out your two-month marketing campaigns to accomplish the goals you set for your practice year in and year out. 

You’ll also learn:

  • How to develop your Annual Marketing Program
  • How to set your marketing budget
  • How to measure success with your internal and external marketing efforts,
  • How to find and hire the PR personality type that will be best suited to market your practice
  • Branding basics to market your practice
  • The most effective social media approach and how to best utilize social media to market your practice
  • How to market your practice in different settings – urban, suburban or rural. 

In addition, you’ll get the tools needed for your marketing team to utilize – success story and survey templates, marketing tracking sheet template, and other resources for success. 

MEG Academy’s Marketing Enhancement program is the competitive advantage that you need to train your team so you can set your practice’s marketing efforts apart. If you’re interested in learning more about how the Marketing Enhancement program trains your team, schedule a  free practice assessment with a coach to get a look inside MEG Academy and all the latest updates that we’ve made to keep up with the ever changing landscape in the Physical Therapy Private Practice Space.  

This post was originally published in July 2019, however has been updated to reflect updates to MEG Academy. 

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