Happily Dissatisfied As the Practice Owner Mindset

Recently we got a testimonial from a client that raved about her newfound work-life balance. Upon the first read, we were a bit worried because it started on a glum note, she wasn’t super happy with her statistics as she had expected more growth, especially after bringing on some new therapists. But she noticed one thing…

Even though the numbers weren’t what I wanted, I did notice one thing. I have been happier!! I have been less stressed. I have been able to spend more time with my family. We had a 30% increase in visits and added 1 FT and 1 P/T physical therapist. They have been able to take some of the load off of me and once I took a step back, I could see this. Sometimes, we get caught up with all the numbers. The problem is that numbers (although, maybe it’s assumed) really don’t show or consider quality. While quantity is great to use for analysis, it misses part of the picture.

I am happier. I am healthier.  And I have a different perspective on what I’m doing in this business. I have some new staff who are wonderful! So, with that being said, I am very grateful for what you guys at MEG have done for me.  Thank you so much. I’m really excited to see what the new year holds for us and our work with you.

We always appreciate feedback from our clients. I was so pleased to hear about her happiness and her hunger to continue to do even better. This is where all practice owners should be on a regular basis. 

Think about it this way – when you go out to a fine restaurant you might order a wonderful steak and after that first bite feel so happy and so pleased with it but do you stop there?  Why not? Are you not happy with it? Of course, you are but you still have a fractional degree of dissatisfaction that leads you to the next bite until it is all gone.

This is what it means to be mean to be a business owner who is happily dissatisfied.

So many people out there can not grasp this concept because we have been programmed to seek contentment. Isn’t that what we are told retirement is all about? I would say that the majority of people reach retirement and find themselves busier than ever.  Most people don’t turn 65 and kick back with a Corona while sitting on their front porch each day saying “This is the life.”

The happiest people in life are those who never stop dreaming and don’t stop pursuing those dreams. A coach told me once to never stop chasing clouds if I wanted to be the best player and remain the best.

So, what does this all mean to you?

It means increase your necessity level for doing more and achieving your ideal scene in life. Trust in yourself and pursue what you want in life by helping those around you get what they want in life. Living your life in a state of contentment is what many people do, but I can tell you they are not often owners of their own business. 

Just think back to the time when you told your friends and family that you were going to quit your physical therapy job and open your own clinic. How many warned you of the doom and gloom lurking in the shadows for you? Or  how awful your life was about to become?

Not many patted you on the back and said “well done;” or “great decision, I’m sure you are going to be living the dream in no time.” Right?

Life was meant to be stretched outside of the comfort zones if growth has a chance.

The thrill of living is the game of living. So, challenge yourself to be better this year than you were last year and never stop playing. 

Stress, however, is when you have opposing forces and can not make a decision therefore you fail to move ahead. This is because you lack knowledge in that area. Therefore, you quickly calculate – often subconsciously – that it’s best to stay put and do nothing. Don’t allow this to happen. Get started confronting that which you don’t know by learning how to master the tools and skills necessary. Before you know it, you too will be winning and living the dream as a private practice owner in the top 10%.

On a final note, keep in mind that it has been said that less than 10% of the world population can ever truly take the leap from employee to employer, so consider yourself special.  If you’re ready to take that leap now, start by getting the knowledge you need to be a successful owner, leader, and CEO, contact us to learn more about how MEG Academy can help you and your staff live the life you have always envisioned as a practice owner. 

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