After more than a decade of flying around the country training private practice owners on how to run their business; we created MEG Academy. We are able to accomplish much more in our 15 course virtual training platform. Based on educational science, we know that the four elements of optimal training are good content, repetition, role play, and accountability. These four elements make up the foundation of MEG Academy.

MEG Academy will train you and your team to….

  • Be a better leader and executive over your practice;
  • Attract more new patients and keep the ones you have coming back by enhancing your marketing activities;
  • Improve efficiency and reduce errors with our Front Desk enhancement program;
  • Optimize your clinical staff’s efficiency through our PT enhancement course;
  • Build your team with our Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining Staff Program and fully onboard each member to their post with the New Hire Orientation Program and Post Onboarding Program;
  • Effectively manage your staff with our Personnel Management Program;
  • Scale your business so you know how to be successful when you open that second or third office.

We give you the tools you need to grow your practice by attracting new patients, hiring the best team, and onboarding them so they deliver the products you’re looking for. MEG Academy is an interactive, web-based, virtual training platform designed to be an engaging learning experience so you can take your physical therapy practice to the next level.

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