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4 Ways to Be Intentional with Your Physical Therapy Marketing Strategy

Seems like just yesterday we were offering a mid-year business review, and now it somehow already feels like 2022 is wrapping up. 

Nevertheless, there’s still room to make an impact. As we’ve been discussing various ways to optimize your practice and patient experience across our blog and podcast, we wanted to take a moment and highlight four ways that you can be intentional for serving new and existing patients across your physical therapy marketing strategy.

4 Marketing Tips for Local Physical Therapy Clinics

1. Stay Focused

As a local business, you have a pretty specific audience so it’s important to perform market research first and then revisit your ideal persona often to ensure it is up to date and accurate. 

With this information, you can provide more valuable information and services, which is important to use in order to deliver an incredible patient experience when acquiring new patients as well as when nurturing current patients. Focus on delivering continuous patient engagement at every stage of their patient lifecycle.

2. Work Smart

We often talk about how quickly a private practice owner can burn out if they’re always trying to wear multiple hats across their clinic. You’ve heard us reference it by saying you should work ON your business, not IN it.

Well, aside from hiring or outsourcing the right people for the right roles, you can also make automation your hardest working employee. Set up scalable, replicable strategies that are executed even while you’re sleeping. This is typically done via email marketing campaigns that track patient satisfaction, remember birthdays or appointments, request reviews and even share relevant new offers or services. 

Working smart by engaging patients across email can often transform patients into brand advocates who drive new business via 5-star reviews or patient referrals.

3. Be Intentional

Do you know what results you’re chasing? Have you set a standard performance metric that you want to improve upon? Without clear goals and upfront Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), how can you be sure that you’re succeeding?

Track the metrics and statistics necessary to measure success as it is defined by your goals. You can sort it by campaigns and outcomes to make it easily reviewed or segmented based on what kind of reporting you’d like to see. 

You should be tracking website analytics through tools like Google Analytics and patient analytics through your EMR. Make one goal simple: Always be improving. 

4. Get Found

Speaking of websites, is yours working? What we mean is, are you following website best practices to get results from that digital doorway you set up? 

As a local business, you want to be found online by people who use search engines. That means you need to be creating content that speaks to the conditions and services that you suspect potential patients are searching for. 

As you launch your website and craft new blogs, keep an eye on your traffic and search engine rankings. Tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Ubersuggest will all be helpful here and are all free. And it’s obviously not enough to just drive traffic to your website, you need these visitors to take action like calling, emailing or requesting an appointment online – so make sure those options are available to them! 

MEG Can Help with Your Physical Therapy Marketing

If you need help optimizing your marketing presence and improving your website performance, MEG can handle your website design or redesign so you can stay focused on business. 

We have the resources to launch your startup successfully or pivot your existing practice masterfully. Let’s discuss where to get started! Contact us today.

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