Physical Therapy Billing Solutions

Our in-house physical therapy billing solutions were created from the perspective of a private practice owner. We saw too many of coaching clients struggling with corporation billing services and we wanted to provide them with an alternative and affordable solutions that work for both startups and established practices. 


Your Personal Billing Team

You will be given a Billing Officer, a Posting Officer, and an Account Control Officer to work the aging claims and to contact insurance agencies and patients for outstanding balances. 

Payment Posting

Posting/EOB Officer will apply all insurance payments and make an allowable adjustments necessary. We will also apply patient payments.

Claims Submission

Your Billing Officer will send your claims on a daily basis and alert you regarding issues that may hold up your claims. 

Work A/R

Your Account Control Officer will work your aging claims at least one every 30 days. We will be in constant contact with insurance companies and we will send monthly statements to patients, with follow up call and payment collections.

Monthly Billing meetings

We will have a regularly scheduled once-a-month billing meeting to review the previous month's production and collections.

Common Billing Questions

  • PT billing system?
  • PT Billing service?
  • What is the billing rate?  A billing company should be charging between 6-8% based on where your clinic is located in the United States. This rate may seem higher than other solutions, but those solutions are not providing you with the education and mentorship that MEG does. 
  • Should I have a fixed billing rate contract?  Yes! All of our client are given a fixed rate for life.
  • What other services do you provide?  MEG is unique. Not only do we take care of your billing, we also educate you and your front desk staff in monthly  meetings. If we can improve the efficiency of your front desk and therapists, then we both will succeed. 
  • Does the billing service provide monthly reports?  Yes! Your billing service should be able to provide you with regular monthly reports and also reports on request. Here at MEG, we have private one-on-one billing meetings once a month to go over last months numbers and to make suggestions for future growth. 

Client Testimonials

Jennifer Schnieders - Owner at Outbound Rehabilitation & Wellness

We utilized 4 different billing providers over the past 6 years and made the switch to MEG just 3 months ago. The difference is REMARKABLE! They are thorough, accurate and timely, and were able to identify errors from months ago that resulted in payment we would have never received. The importance of customer service and satisfaction is obviously instilled in EVERY MEG employee, and they handle our revenue as if it were their own. They are hands-down the best there is!

Who Is Brian Gallagher, PT?

Brian is the Founder and CEO of MEG Business Management and the most valuable asset to MEG!

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Our Solutions Will Reignite You Passion as a Private Practice Owner!

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