Workable Solutions to Real Life Problems; Innovative Concepts From Industry Leaders

Our latest Zoomcast (9/24) was hosted by Brian and our Chief Content Officer & Coach, Nicole Walczak, and joined by other leading professionals in the physical therapy industry, namely: Jamey Schrier, PT (Practice Freedom U); Brandon Seigel (President Wellness Works Management Partners) and Tom Dalonzo-Baker, PT (Founder: Total Motion Release Seminars). In this Zoomcast, the panel discussed: 

  • Solutions for viability during stressful times & how to achieve private practice success
  • Unique and successful actions from various Industry Leaders
  • Expert Advice on Managing current changes and challenges – Possible reduction in reimbursement, COVID-19, Telehealth
  • Live Q&A session with expert panelists

The following are the valuable key points and workable solutions from the members of this expert roundtable zoomcast.

Problems & Solutions

Problem #1: How do we increase patient volume in today’s environment? 


  • Get clear on who you want as patients – targeting them is the first step. 
  • Google My Business is a great tool for driving traffic. 
  • Utilize social media and your online presence. 
  • There is no magic wand – focus on the subproducts/substats that make new patients. 
  • Make data-driven decisions. 

Problem #2: What does reopening look like in the next 90 days?


  • Location plays a big part. Don’t wait for things to return to the way they were; instead, adapt for the future. Cancellation policies might look different (with Telehealth). 
  • Spending a little money to get educated and covered will definitely benefit you in the long run.
  • Follow CDC guidelines, do your reengineering and then go for it as if things are “normal.” 
  • This is a perfect time to stand back and determine what was working well and which areas were problematic and can be improved. Fix things and grow.
  • Take the time to take a good hard look at your personnel.

Problem #3: How to manage the cancellation no-show policy in a Covid world?


  • You need to have an agreement with your patients and your staff. It’s important that we hold a standard of our clinical care, establish a plan. Have good communication with your staff.
  • Think outside the box. Think about what you can do outside or through Telehealth – be creative. 
  • You want to manage through agreement versus expectation. Be very clear with your patients and staff. 
  • Have one strong therapist in your clinic who can do Telehealth. This allows for a great customer experience.
  • Train your staff on how to increase compliance with patients.  
  • Have the therapists follow up after an appointment to check up on and keep track of how your patients are doing.

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You also can access the full replay of our September 24th Zoom Cast by clicking on the button below. Check out a few snippets from the event below the button!

Part 1 – “Nicole discusses the importance of making data-driven decisions.”

Part 2 – “Brandon talks about the need to be more engaged with the patient experience, versus just being concerned with the schedule.”

Part 3 –  “Brian discusses the Shared Risk model.”

Part 4 – “Jamey talks about the importance of having a definite process for hiring.”

Part 5 – “Tom reminds that there are a lot of ways to get to where you want to be in business.”

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