Episode 57: When and What to Outsource for Your Private Practice

After having spoken with hundreds of practice owners over the years, it’s what they don’t know that’s typically holding them back from the success they desire. When you went into physical therapy, you went in to be a clinician, not a lawyer, or an accountant, or a bookkeeper. We tell physical therapy owners time and again to stop wasting time and mental attention on tasks that you can outsource to others. This week, we have a panel discussion with Jon Repka, VP of Sales from Paro – an accounting and bookkeeping service company, and Denise Muncie, COO of MEG Billing Solutions who manage their respective outsourced services to physical therapy practice owners across the country.  These outsourced solutions allow practice owners to stop wasting time and mental energy on tasks that they aren’t trained to do so they can focus on what really matters when it comes to being an executive.


  • If you want to be successful, there are four major things that you, the owner, need to be responsible for in your clinic. They are marketing your services, how to create the best ideal company culture, focus on providing the best overall patient care experience based on post statistics and company metrics, and finally building your brand and reputation.
  • Remember, square footage is key and equipment and pay and benefits are money out of your pocket. When you outsource, you don’t have to worry about paid time off and staff coverage, worrying about replacing your biller if someone moves away. You don’t have to worry about those aspects of personnel management.
  • Never look for a person who just regurgitates what you’ve been doing. You want to find someone who knows and understands industry best practices and is there to help push your practice forward.
  • Denise talks about how the MEG billing team over-communicates and policies themselves with monthly reporting and meetings to report on our transparency. We know that the one thing executives want most is information so we feed it to them in a comprehensive way that educates them on where improvements can be made to improve cash flow.

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About Jon Repka

Jon Repka is the VP of sales for Paro. Paro is a future of work platform. They have taken the cream of the crop in financial services and have made them available virtually and on demand. Having worked with MEG and Brian for the past two years, they have a comprehensive understanding of the PT world and have given owners a strong understanding of benchmarks, best practices, and standard operating procedures. Contact Jon directly by clicking here.

About Denise Muncie

Denise is the COO of MEG Business Management and oversees the outsourced billing division of MEG. Previously, she was CEO of a Physical Therapy Practice that won Practice of the Year in 2011. Contact Denise directly by clicking here.

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