Ways to Advocate Against Discrimination in Physical Therapy

This topic has been getting a lot of attention recently – and rightly so.

This shouldn’t have to be said, but we’ll say it again: “It shouldn’t require a policy for us to be doing the right thing.”

Yet, in light of what we’re seeing nationwide, we found this to be a necessary and critical time to reevaluate how to hire personnel and effectively practice anti-discrimination in the physical therapy environment.

It’s time that we confront this issue of discrimination in order to build a safe space for everyone – and learn how to enforce zero-tolerance for discrimination using firm policies in your practice.

It should go without saying that everyone should have equal opportunity to reach their goals, both personally and professionally. Yet, it is evident that this is not always practiced in the workplace.

It is also important to remember while discussing issues such as these that just because you haven’t personally experienced it, does not mean that it doesn’t exist.

One simple and effective way to protect your employees, team members, patients and community is by creating your legally documented policies through Rocket Lawyer.

Step #2: Once you have these outlined and applied for your specific practice, include them into your P&P (Policy and Procedure) manual effective immediately.

Next, you need to keep these issues at bay through Compliance – which comes with the educating and training of your staff.

There should be zero tolerance for “bad apple” employees – the majority of whom can be filtered out using our 5 Phase Hiring Process.

I won’t get into the nitty-gritty specifics of this process today, but it essentially provides you with the tools to evaluate the person in front of you, versus hiring a good resume and a heartbeat.

You must see past their (figurative) mask and get beyond the “best foot forward” cadence that many present in the interview process.

You must take the interest, time and care to get to the bottom of who the person really is before allowing them to enter your group – who you’ve vowed to support and protect, like family.

You simply cannot allow people into your circle who will make derogatory comments or jokes, harass, or generally make another uncomfortable.

There is absolutely no room for hate in our physical therapy profession, or our world, for that matter.

People are the heartbeat of our world, and the pulse of physical therapy. Don’t allow anyone or anything into your environment to jeopardize the safety and happiness of those around you.

Why pledge yourself to a lifetime of helping others if you’re not willing to advocate for each individual?

Don’t just be an advocate for your patients and employees – but an advocate for humanity. Be the change you want to see… this starts in your practice, TODAY!

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