Valentine's Day Ideas for Physical Therapy Practice

Valentine’s Day Ideas to Boost the Love for Patients and Staff

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect time to show the people in your life just how much you care about them. But before you race through the store to find the last bouquet of flowers to bring home at the end of the day, don’t forget to spend the day celebrating your work family as well! 

As a physical therapy business owner, you have plenty of people to shower with love and appreciation. From your staff to your patients, here are some engaging (and slightly ridiculous) ways to use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to show some love.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Physical Therapy Clinic

Decorate your waiting room with heart-shaped balloons

Nothing says “come in and get some physical therapy” quite like a waiting room filled with heart-shaped balloons. Your patients will appreciate the festive touch, and it might even make them forget about any pain they’re in (at least for a little while). Bonus points if you give out heart-shaped chocolates to your patients before their appointments.

Have a Valentine’s Day-themed exercise class

Who says exercise can’t be romantic? Take your typical wellness or exercise class and add a Valentine’s Day twist. Don’t offer those? Make it a pre-patient staff stretching party! Have your patients or staff do exercises that mimic romantic activities, like holding hands or dancing. We’ll leave it to you to come up with the creative, hilarious exercises to incorporate into the class.

Give out heart-shaped hot/cold packs

Does anything say “I love you” more than a heart-shaped hot/cold pack? No, if you ask us. But your patients really will love getting a heart-shaped hot/cold pack to use at home. It’s functional and cute, and it shows that you care about their well-being. Your staff can have fun coming up with ridiculous ways to incorporate the heart-shaped hot/cold pack into their treatment plans.

Create a “Wall of Love” at the clinic

Create a wall or bulletin board where your employees can share their thoughts, memories and experiences with each other. This can include photos, notes, inside jokes and other mementos that showcase the unique personalities and contributions of each team member. Plus, your patients will love seeing this side of the clinic culture.

Make heart-shaped cookies for everyone

If the fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, don’t forget to bake or buy some V-day themed cookies for the clinic. Your staff and patients will appreciate the gesture, (and it might even make them forget about the fact that they’re at physical therapy.) Just make sure the cookies are gluten-free and low in sugar, so you don’t upset any patients with dietary restrictions.

Host a Valentine’s Day-themed scavenger hunt

Your staff will love coming up with ridiculous clues for a Valentine’s Day-themed scavenger hunt. Have your patients search for heart-shaped objects throughout your office, and give out prizes to the winners. It’s a fun and engaging way to get your patients moving and to show your staff that you appreciate their creativity.

Show the Love this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to show your staff and patients some love and appreciation. From heart-shaped giveaways to Valentine’s Day-themed exercise classes, there are plenty of fun and slightly ridiculous ways to celebrate the holiday. These simple gestures can not only boost morale, but they can also improve productivity, build stronger relationships and promote well-being. 

So, go ahead and shower your staff and patients with love (just make sure to keep the heart-shaped chocolates away from the exercise equipment).

P.S. For some extra fun, check out these PT Valentine’s Cards from our friends at WebPT!

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