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“Kimberly Becker PT, ATC has the expertise of over fifteen years in the physical therapy field. She has worked side by side with many orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine primary care physicians and athletic trainers. Her passion is orthopedic sports medicine and working with individuals who enjoy an active lifestyle. Her approach is somewhat unique as she looks to treat the body as a whole, finding the source of the problem, while educating and treating with attention to form, technique, prevention, rehabilitation and increased performance.”

– Ultimate Edge Sports Medicine, Facebook Page


Prior to transitioning to MEG Billing Solutions, Kimberly Becker was having trouble with her previous billing company in areas such as incorrect patient statements, communication, and lower deposits.

Additional prior areas of challenge are outlined below:

1. Secondary Filing: We have had consistent challenge of primary EOB’s not being attached to secondary filing.

2. Lack of follow-up of unpaid claims or claims paid (?) but never posted Incorrect patient statements: PT’s payments received, but not posted and credited to account before next statement goes out.

3. Communication: Lack of response time to questions/information … Lack of transparency to what has/has not happened as to why something was/was not completed. Partial responses and lack of addressing requests.

4. Inconsistencies of patient statement dates: Statements going out inconsistently or not at all.

5. Significantly lower deposits than expected: Which were inconsistent w/ claims that should have gone through. We have been the one to notice and question as to why.”

Solutions & Benefits

Since working with MEG Billing Solutions…

Statements have consistently gone out every month since we started them in January, and they have also been 110% correct.

We have been consistent with our communication with them, and I (Ali, our Billing Manager) meet with them every month on the 4th Tuesday to go over all their data.


“I wish words could convey the satisfaction that we have experienced in changing our billing services over to Meg billing. Ali and the rest of the Meg billing team have given us confidence in the process again and demonstrate a competence we have not known in the 3.5 years our practice has been in business. Efficiency, Proficiency, attention to detail, appropriate communication and timely response is has been our experience so far. Peace of mind is something that is truly immeasurable, but something that Meg billing has provided for me in a situation where it had been completely lost with our previous billing service. Thank you for demonstrating excellence in what you do and delivering a service as it should be, by meeting expectations and working alongside us to assist us in becoming more successful in what we do by understanding the importance of gaining ‘the money’ as quickly (and as much) as possible for services that we have provided. It was definitely the right decision and something I wish we had done sooner! Thank you is not enough, but know that we are grateful!”

-Kimberly Becker, PT, ATC

About MEG Billing Solutions

Back in 2002, as a PT private practice owner, Brian Gallagher let go two of his three billers in one week. For three months, he worked full time as a biller learning how to post payments, make collections and submit claims. Since then, he’s consulted over 400 offices nationwide and knows that billing and collections is one of the most common issues that private practice owners have today.

Owners know that they aren’t getting paid fully for the work they and their staff are doing, billers come and go in an area where they are unable to fully train. Even if you outsource to a billing company, usually the billing firm you contract with will only go after low hanging fruit and won’t treat your billing as it’s their own.

With our team of almost 50 dedicated, physical, occupational and speech therapy-only billers, posters and account control officers, we bring efficiency and accuracy to your billing operations. We aim to provide not only billing solutions, but we also work with and improve your front desk and therapists. We become your partner in your billing and collections and make the process easy, painless and understood by all parties involved!

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