Tips On Personnel Management in a Post-Pandemic Environment (Video Series)

Let’s face it, as we start to take the first steps out of quarantine, we will be entering a world that is much different than how we left it.

Not only has this pandemic marked a shift in our society – the repercussions of which we might not recover from for months, if not years – but has perhaps forever changed the physical therapy industry and how we do business within it.

With all the moving parts and mystery still in the air, it is crucial that we remember what the heart of any business is: its staff.

It is important now more than ever that we address Personnel Management, which is why we at MEG wanted to focus on the following tips & topics in a 4-part video series to help with your transition, and with the employees that you value so much:

Part 1: 3 Tips on Communication to Personnel

• Talk to your staff about the new environment and your caseload situation.

• Sit down individually and go over status sheets (Now is a better time than EVER to have a shared risk model for salaried employees!)

• Rebrand your clinic! It’s time to learn how to revamp your clinic as you enter this new world.

• It is ALL about communication! You have to confront your community, patients, and your staff.

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Part 2: 3 Tips on How to Succeed in May 2020

• Create a spreadsheet and put your PPP money in a separate checking account, and track every expenditure off of that spreadsheet for every dollar of the PPP fund. Do not commingle the funds with your regular bank funds.

• Sit down with each of your staff and create a new status sheet of employment (it will need to be updated to accommodate the new world!)

• Make sure that you sit down with your team and present to them a new business model that will include Telehealth, new protocols and new ways to treat through the proper environmental changes.

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Part 3: Option A & Option B: How to Bring Your Staff Back Under the PPP

Option A: If you know that in another 8 weeks you are not going to be above 70% in terms of caseload coming into your office, do not bring everybody back in only to lay them off again. This is not the intention of the PPP. It’s a 1% loan simple interest – you should hire back the people you need to meet the demands, and scale your business up. As you do, you can bring the appropriate people back to meet those demands.

Option B: If you do think you’ll be getting 70% or greater of your caseload back, then by all means, bring everybody back! Put an emphasis on marketing and creating a safe community to bring your patients back in.

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Part 4: Additional Advice on Personnel Management

• (Suggestion) You can add a premium on certain items for your base salary employees based on things such as professionalism, quality, testimonials, success stories, etc. They are then being compensated through an incentive/bonus model. This puts them more in control!

• Hire them under these new compensation models so that it’s in the best interest of the patient, staff member, and the practice. You can’t treat your practice with pre-pandemic rules once we’re in a post-pandemic world!

You must react to the post-pandemic environment by changing the biggest division that controls the viability of your practice: your employees. Be transparent, communicate, and create an environment that is efficient and rewarding for everybody.

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