Episode 119: Has Physical Therapy Changed Forever?

On this weeks podcast, Brian compares his personal mindset pre-pandemic, to how it has shifted today. Conclusion: its greatly different in some ways, and the same in others. Tune in for some crucial questions to ask yourself for your staff, patients and practice to decide what strategies would be best for you in your individual circumstance.

Key Takeaways/Points 

    • Telehealth is likely here to stay” – in some magnitude 
    • When the pandemic is over” will the HHS stop covering Telehealth for Medicare patients? 
    • Find the schedule that works for you 
    • For manual therapy – think outside the box for treating 
    • NOW IS THE TIME to move to a shared-risk model for your staff 
    • Clean out the clutter in your clinic! You need more floor space without paying more rent 
    • Think about how you can give greater value to your patients & staff 
    • You must bring in an LMS (Learning Management System)  
    • You need to invest in the power players around you so you can trust them and get out of their way 

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