The Mindset Shift: The Choice to Embrace Enjoyment Over Endurance

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create the life and physical therapy practice of your dreams? 

Here’s a secret. It’s more than just mechanical. Sure, you can follow steps to do this first, then this then that and eventually set up a beautiful clinic. You can advertise here and use this messaging there to check some marketing boxes. You can follow a startup process or an expanding practice process. You can learn what equipment to use or what layout is best, etc. but that only solves the technical or mechanical aspects of your private practice. 

You have to dig deeper to find what is keeping you up – what is pulling at you to achieve a higher fulfillment. As coaches for practice management success, my team at MEG speaks with far too many PTs and practice owners who, regardless of business size or maturity, seem to just be enduring the results rather than enjoying it.

This is not the way to go about life. 

Brian Gallagher puts it plainly: “You shouldn’t be going through the struggles of life just to simply endure it or stay afloat. You should be enjoying life. You should be vibrant, in abundance and living your vision.”

So, what is missing? 

Beyond the technical and mechanical aspects of your private practice, what is the crucial element that often goes unnoticed? We’re talking about mindset. At MEG Business Management, we’ve discovered that the road to success is paved with the right mindset. So, are you ready to shift from merely enduring your circumstances to genuinely enjoying them?

The Role of Mindset as a Physical Therapy Owner

You might think that mindset is a minor detail, but it’s the key to unlocking your full potential as a physical therapy owner. How many times have you let external influences or self-doubt hold you back? The truth is, the person who has your best interest at heart is YOU. 

With this in mind (no pun intended), let’s delve into the critical takeaways you need to know to foster a mindset of enjoyment rather than endurance.

What’s preventing you from taking control and no longer leaving your life and future to chance? Here are four key ideas to grab ahold of to be proactive rather than reactive to life.

The Power of Choice and Decision-Making

As a physical therapy owner, how often do you embrace the power of choice and decision-making? It might sound simple, but actively recognizing that you have the ability to control your circumstances is a game-changer. When you become the driving force behind your practice, you can foster a mindset of enjoyment that will carry you towards the life you’ve always dreamed of for yourself and your family.

Don’t Hang Your Decisions on the Experiences of Others

Are you basing your decisions on the experiences of others? It’s natural to seek guidance from your peers or mentors, but it’s essential to remember that your journey is unique. You can learn from others, but don’t let their experiences dictate your path. When you chart your own course, you break free from the constraints of comparison and begin to truly enjoy the process.

Break Away from Group Agreement

Do you find yourself swayed by group opinions or seeking validation from your peers? It’s time to break away from the group agreement and trust your instincts. While it’s essential to stay informed and connected with your industry, you mustn’t let others’ opinions drown out your voice. By trusting your gut and standing firm in your decisions, you open yourself up to the true enjoyment that comes with self-confidence and personal growth.

There is Nothing Wrong with Personal Success

Have you ever felt guilty about wanting personal success? In a field as service-oriented as physical therapy, it’s easy to feel conflicted about pursuing personal achievements. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with striving for personal success. By embracing your ambition and celebrating your accomplishments, you pave the way for a more fulfilling and enjoyable professional journey that now has more abundance to give back and help in meaningful ways.

Invest in Yourself to Live the Life You Always Envisioned

Now that you understand the power of mindset, what can you do to shift from a perspective of endurance to one of enjoyment? We encourage you to listen to Brian Gallagher’s podcast, “Episode 263: Are You Enduring or Enjoying?” to explore this topic further. By doing so, you’ll gain insights and strategies to ensure you live the life you’ve always dreamed of for yourself and your family.

In the end, the path to a thriving physical therapy practice and the life of your dreams starts with a mindset shift. By embracing the power of choice, trusting your instincts, breaking free from group agreement and celebrating personal success, you can begin to enjoy your journey rather than simply enduring it. It’s time to take control of your destiny and create the life you’ve always wanted. So, are you ready to make the shift?

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