The Importance of Running Cash-flow Projections

We know, there are a lot of business-related items to be considering as we emerge from this pandemic.

Yet, it is your current responsibility to be thinking in the future tense: to be establishing an action plan of how you will modify your business moving forward into the post-pandemic landscape.

In your Finance Division, there are 2 actions to take:

1. Work on a cash-flow projection spreadsheet from now until October 1st (through the beginning of the 4th Quarter).

2. Get out your business strategic plan for 2020 – and rewrite it!

Check out Brian’s Walk-And-Talk below for details!

“It’s what you don’t know that is typically holding you back from being successful in business” – Brian Gallagher

Get out of your own way, and get the tools that you need to live the life of a practice owner that you deserve!

Watch a brief Demo of Brian explaining the Cash-flow projection!
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