THE APTA CSM 2022: MEG Speaks to Private Practice Owners

With the tagline “Better Together. Together Again.” the APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting in San Antonio, Texas is taking place next week and is poised to be the largest physical therapy conference in the country. 

(If you haven’t already, registration is open and APTA members can save up to 40%!)

Two Ways to Join CSM 2022 This Year:

In-Person: The event will take place Feb. 2-5, in San Antonio, Texas with a full schedule of sessions from all 18 APTA sections and academies. Attendees can earn up to 1.8 CEUs (18 contact hours), explore hundreds of research posters, and mix it up with thousands of their peers and fellow attendees. 

On-Demand: An online option will be available March 1-31, with more than 100 recorded educational sessions from the in-person event curated by conference program chairs from each section. Attendees can choose between on-demand with CEUs or on-demand without CEUs. All CEUs must be earned in the March 1-31 virtual conference window.

Join Us for MEG’s Session at CSM 2022:

From Purpose to Profits Through Celebration, Recognition & Policy

11:00am – 1:00pm, Friday, February 4, 2022 in Grand Hyatt – Crockett CD Room (this session was also selected to be available ON-DEMAND)

As private practice owners, a number of things in a short period of time have rocked our understood assumptions of what a successful physical therapy practice looks like. The 1990’s are gone and the old business models with it. In this session, learn how to align the purposes between you and your staff, and to celebrate the specific changes that will encourage greater participation and motivation. 

Our session will not just discuss bright ideas, but will share with you the tools needed to develop your skills as a leader so that you gain the ability to make the positive changes that will result in: a higher performing team, a more effective company structure and more efficient systems of operations. Our session will include handouts along with role-play demonstrations for accurate duplication and application of the skills. 

Walk away with ideas on how to apply gamification, staff engagement, and more effective communication directed toward gaining agreement based on your purpose for being in private practice; reflected in NEW policies & procedures that are most meaningful to today’s personnel.

MEG’s Session Outline with Proposed Time

  • Speaker Introduction – 10 mins
  • Examination of the old standards of practice – 15 mins
  • Evaluate what our Patients and Personnel want most – 35 mins
  • Identify proven solutions following this training format: – 60 mins
    • Education 
    • Duplication 
    • Application via role-play 
    • Review of handout tools

Key Learning Objectives in This Session:

  • Modify their practice operations after comparing “old” existing practice models to newer practice models illustrated. 
  • Formulate more effective policies & procedures that better represent the needs of both patients and personnel in today’s private practice.
  • Develop a company culture that aligns their staff’s goals with their goals as owners.
  • Use “Role Play” demonstrations to ensure their independence with application of the soft personnel management skills taught.

We hope you can join us in San Antonio next week and see our exclusive session in-person. To learn more or meetup in person, please contact MEG today! 

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