Targeting Ideal Employees with a New Physical Therapy Recruiting Process

You’ve heard us talk about creating buyer personas and avatars when it comes to finding your target audience in physical therapy – the ideal patient. 

Well, that same process can be used within the recruiting process to bring the best-fit employees into your clinic and ensure the right people are in the right seats. This is an important aspect of business to get right because it’s estimated that the cost of hiring wrong can be 6-15x more than hiring right the first time due to disengagement, quiet quitting, layoffs, team dynamics and wading back into the recruiting process.

Let’s look at how to build out your “candidate” personas and then how to select recruiting channels where those personas consume information.

Creating Target Audiences for Physical Therapy Recruiting

First, we ask ourselves – are we clear on what we’re looking for? Because if we’re not sure, then the candidate certainly won’t be. 

To that end, list out the attributes that make up the ideal employee for the role you’re seeking to fill. This list can pull inspiration from your clinic’s vision and mission statement. Essentially, we’re trying to outline what a best-fit staff member looks like from your perspective. Then, we approach it from their perspective. What are the attributes that an employee wants from this role? Once you have your two lists – find the magic in the middle! 

These shared values should be where you target your recruiting efforts. Build the role to match those relevant outcomes and needs. These should fit in with your mission, your culture, your clinic’s stage of growth and, of course, the roles and responsibilities of the job. 

Create Strategic Recruiting Channels to Target Ideal Employees

It’s been said that market warfare begins at the hiring table. If you can pick the right people and keep them by tying them into your mission and empowering them to grow your clinic with you, then you can win the war on talent, develop a culture that eats bureaucracy for breakfast and orchestrate a caring, end-to-end patient experience that evolves into an unstoppable referral marketing source that grows your business while you’re sleeping. 

Sound good? Then let’s find the right employees to set this Rube Goldberg machine in motion.

4 Core Areas to Accelerate Your Recruiting Process

1 . University

Recruit the interns and future leaders who can get their start at your clinic and grow alongside your systems, services and patient population.

2. Competition

At some point in time, everyone is recruitable. Since high performers like to work with other high performers, there is an opportunity to bring in talent that aren’t reaching their potential elsewhere.

3. Recruiter

When you empower someone else to find your best-fit employee, it frees you up to stay focused on operations, but make sure that they are aligned with the mission-centered attributes you’re seeking.

4. Culture

Be an organization that has a compelling vision that attracts the best. Be the leader they would like to follow. How much easier would this be if the best-fit employee was seeking you out instead?

Physical Therapy Resources to Recruit, Hire and Onboard Staff

MEG Business developed practice management solutions to ensure PT owners never have to start from scratch again. Our learning management system has programs and certifications to build and nurture leaders, find and grow employees and even develop and improve your marketing plan. 

Visit MEG Academy to see how easy it is to make today the last day you wonder if your business is heading in the right direction.

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