Episode 103: Successful Patient Care Strategies (feat. Lisa Chase, PT)

Ever wonder about the doctor that your doctor goes to? Well, this week Brian is chatting with Lisa Chase, PT, owner of Back to Normal PT in St. Petersburg, FL. She’s an expert physical therapist and shares her background in physical therapy and how she has built a unique and successful practice using innovative technologies and education. Today, she’s sharing her experience, and the technology she utilizes that has catapulted her success as a therapist, practice owner and has helped her treat thousands of patients and professional athletes in a holistic way. 


  • Being a therapist sometimes means having a love of teaching, and making therapists. Going into private practice often gives you the opportunity to perpetually teach and train others around you. 
  • The mystery is in the history. If you take the time to listen to your patients, and ask the right questions, your patients will tell you exactly where you need to go. They feel better feeling like their story is being listened to. 
  • You need to fully commit in your heart and soul, and then figure out what it costs to run a practice based on a lease in your community. Know what your ideal scene is, like Lisa, who knew she couldn’t accomplish her goals alone. 
  • Find the game changers and the differentiators – Neubie E-Stim, Dry Needling, ASTYM, magnet therapy, etc… 
  • Find a way to have 20% of your GI come from self-pay if you’re still in the insurance model. 
  • Stop treating patients like physical therapy circa 1995. How do you educate, and gain compliance from your patient? So you can take them above their baseline to the optimal level of health to insulate them through reinjury. 
  • Use technology that compliment your therapy approach, through exercises and put the balance of responsibility on the patient and the therapist. Only working together will your patients truly succeed. 
  • Think through the full journey of the patient. 
  • Use technology and differentiators. 
  • If you have a foundation in manual therapy, Lisa can come in and teach the Exercise foundational course. If you want to get patients better faster or if you want to get a certification, go to Michigan State. You do not need to take the exercise course to use Rehablinks. 
  • Lisa can be reached at: healing@back2normalpt.com or by visiting her website.


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Lisa Chase founded Back 2 Normal Physical Therapy in 1998. She  is an internationally recognized physical therapist, educator, lecturer and published author, with a specialty in rehabilitation, performance and wellness. She is a compassionate healer with a wealth of knowledge obtained through 25+ years of orthopedic manual physical therapy, sports injury management and total body wellness. She uses a holistic, whole body approach by applying cutting edge technology, osteopathic manual therapy and functional integration to restore joint biomechanics, soft tissue mobility and movement patterns to speed healing results.

Lisa received her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Pittsburgh in 1991. She lectures nationally and internationally, and has been an Adjunct Clinical Professor at Michigan State University, College of Osteopathic Medicine, since 1998. Additionally, she is the Co-Chair and Co-Developer for the Certification in Functional Manual Medicine at MSU, College of Osteopathic Medicine. She has been an assistant Instructor for Functional Movement Systems since 2010; and is a published author of several books on aquatic rehabilitation, as well as a published co-author in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Lisa is founder and co-owner of Rehab Links, a unique exercise software for medical, health and fitness professionals. She brings much of her expertise to the community, and was nominated as a finalist for the Iconic Women of St Petersburg, named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014, and received the Outstanding Volunteer Organization of the Year, award by the City of St. Petersburg in 2017.

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