Episode 80: Start With the 4 Keys to Practice Success

How did I come up with the four keys to private practice success? Well, after hitting rock bottom in my own practice, I invested in becoming the best owner that I could be by learning everything I needed to know. This led me to consulting where I learned, after working with hundreds of practices, that there was a sequence to follow and key elements that needed to be in place to be successful. The better one followed them, the more successful they became. The four keys to success are: 

  • Environment
  • Structure and Organization
  • Personnel Management
  • Systems of Operation/SOP’s

So many practice owners who talk to us are focused on doing, doing, doing. But that is not going to make you a better owner, nor is teaching your staff. Training advances skills, teaching just educates.

Episode at a glance:

  • Personnel is the most challenging and problematic and the biggest barrier to success in your practice.
  • Environment is the first stumbling block to success. Is your space too small? How is the parking lot? How is signage? Have something in your sign that describes Physical Therapy and what you do.
  • If your practice is not succeeding to the level you want there are five steps: group agreement on honesty and loyalty to go the distance; lay out a full BSP that ties into annual marketing plan, and break that down into two month campaigns. Train the staff on statistics and targets, and then holding in structure and accountability across the board.
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