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Background & Problems

“I had wanted to own my own practice for years but didn’t know where to start and knew I alone didn’t have the resources I would need to do it to the level I wanted. Then I heard a podcast from Brian Gallagher and knew I had found the resource I needed to make my dream of owning my own clinic a reality!

The obstacles started immediately, with trying to get decision-makers to believe in me and my dream in order to get the financing, and then negotiate the perfect lease, all the while building a practice based on a solid foundation and maintaining compliance in all areas.

I hit countless obstacles and roadblocks including being unable to acquire financing, even an SBA loan, and having a lease pulled out from underneath me at the last hour. But MEG was there each step of the way to guide me in setting up an alternative plan which always came out better than the first. Thinking outside of the box became our norm.”

Solutions & Benefits

Since training in MEG Academy with MEG Business Management

“MEG Academy gave me the structure and resources I needed to guide me each step of the way through the whole process: from acquiring the financing without the SBA, negotiating an unbelievable lease, setting up the clinic layout, purchasing equipment, negotiating contracts with insurance companies, designing a complete policy and procedure manual, hiring and training staff, setting up insurance billing and having all the paperwork necessary to start seeing patients, and so much more. My coach, Nicole, was always there to take a quick call or email, even seeking further advice to answer my specific questions that would come up often along the way. I can’t tell you how many times Brian himself gave me advice, reviewed a floor plan, reviewed a potential lease, etc. It seems like everyone on the MEG team helped me out along the way. They were all readily accessible and so eager to help me succeed.

I use the Facebook Masterminds page to get input on different ways of doing things or handling a situation. Two minds are better than one…and many minds allow for solutions that fit every situation. It’s also a great way to give back to our profession.

I had established my business plan way before COVID-19 was a consideration and had no choice but to open my doors right in the middle of it on June 10th. But I never changed my business plan because of it…I just didn’t have time! Within two months, I had already hit my 6-month expectations, scheduling over 70 patient visits per week, and had to hire my first physical therapist to help with the caseload. I actually had to put the brakes on marketing while we got the proper staffing on board to support the caseload. 

As a new clinic owner, I knew nothing about the billing side of the business, so I gladly contracted with MEG Billing. I consider that to be one of my best administrative decisions I’ve made! I didn’t just get a biller…I got a whole team, literally! I actively work with 3-4 MEG Billing team members. And our growth has been so steep, I can’t even keep up with patient care, so I certainly don’t have time for the billing issues. But my billing team totally gets that…expects that…and they handle everything for me, going above and beyond what I contracted! I could never do what I’m doing without them!”


“Two months in and my business is BEYOND expectations! I can’t even keep up with it!” 

-Kimberly Carpenter, DPT

Specialty Physical Therapy